Choti Sarrdaarni 3rd December 2019 Written Update: Meher escapes goons and gets arrested herself to Serbia police

Today’s episode begins with Meher requesting the Punjabi woman to give her phone to make a call.The woman refuses but give her money.Meher denies saying she asked for help not begging for money.The woman asks her to bring her luggage along then gives the money.She sees a food cart and decide to eat for her baby.She buys a sandwich.The lawyer tells Harleen, Sarab’s image is ruined after the press conference and Kulwant has gained the sympathy of public.He tells her they don’t have a solid evidence and ask if they found out why he bought a house in Belgrade.

Dolly says Meher must have a boyfriend there and Sarab is always sympathetic and helps people.So he would have bought a house for her and boyfriend to settle.Harleen ask Dolly to stop making such stories.Lawyer says her story has a valid point, if they could prove Meher had an extramarital affair they can try to save Sarab.Harleen refuses to assasinate Meher’s character.Dolly and lawyer convince her as it’s the only way to save her brother.She reluctantly agrees.

Meher calls Sarab’s landlime from a phone booth.Robby picks it up and is shocked to hear Meher.Meher says she is alive.Robby changes his voice and pretends not to hear her clearly.He asks where she is calling from.Meher says from a police booth in Belgrade,giving him the location.Robby disconnects the phone and calls his goons shouting at them how come Meher is still alive.He gives her location and ask them to kill her.

Meher is worried how to convey that she is alive.She bends down to pick up her food packet.Suddenly the glass window breaks and she sees the goons coming a her with guns.She runs and hides behind food cart.She picks up a stone and attacks the hand of goon making the pistol fly away.They hear police siren and escapes.Meher thinks she has to do something that will make the government deport her.She hits a policeman with a stone and surrender saying she did it so arrest her.

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Param comes to meet Sarab.He asks him if he killed his Meher Mumma.Sarab asks him if his papa can ever do such a thing.Param replies no.Sarab tells him he and his mom are playing a big game of hide and seek where Meher is hiding and no one knows where she is.He asks if Param want to join them.Param says yes.He asks Sarab to make him fall asleep as he can’t sleep without his Meher Mumma.Sarab puts him on his shoulder and makes him sleep.

Harley,Jolly and Robby comes there.Sarab asks Harleen not to bring Param here as he will get upset seeing him like this.Harleen ask him to think about his bail and ask him to sign papers.He tries to read it.Lawyer tells him it just says Meher has an extramarital affair.Sarab gets angry and push the lawyer holding his collar.He asks him to go out and take the papers.Harleen tell him they had no option.Sarab ask her to meet Kulwant on his behalf.She agrees reluctantly.Robby thinks by refusing bail Sarab made his plan easier.

Police takes Meher to custody and ask how she came here and where is her papers.Param keeps a hand on his chest and talks to Meher.Meher does the same by keeping her hand in chest.Jolly asks what he is doing and Param explain.He shouts to Meher if she can hear him.Meher pleads to the punjabi officer to send her back to India.She begs timberland him brother.

Police agrees as he is a Punjabi and she called him brother.He instruct an official to book Meher in tonight’s flight.Meher thanks him.Kulwant has a funeral at her house for Meher and Harleen comes with Robby and Param.param is shocked to see Meher’s photo having a garland.Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab is taken to court.Meher request police officer in India to bring her to court to save Sarab.Judge asks Sarab to speak up.Sarab says he has nothing to say.