Choti Sarrdaarni 3rd February 2020 Written Update: Kulwant’s plan to bring Meher home

Today’s episode begins with Sarab refusing to believe in traditions and says Meher will stay here and her delivery will be at Chotti Sarrdaarni hospital.At Kulwant’s house the girl’s father tells Kulwant if Meher will deliver her first child from her maternity home then he has no objection to follow tradition.

Before Amrita could say anything,she scolds her and gives the final decision that the girl’s father will take care of the first delivery.She tell him not to worry about expenses and ask him to take his daughter to Meher’s hospital Chotti Sarrdaarni.She tells him she will write a letter.They all thank and praise her before living.

Sarab asks Meher what is her opinion and Meher says smiling that his opinion is hers.Harleen seem annoyed.Kulwant invite Dolly home and she agree.Amrita and Bittu says Meher will never stay here.

Rana too agree.Kulwant get angry and scold them.She says it’s a matter of her pride and respect.She will get Meher home for delivery come what may.She says she cannot lose people vote and will do anything not to let that happen.Meher goes for check up and Doctor discusses the type of food and nutrition she should be having.

Meher is shocked to see Sarab and scold him for coming inspite of her telling him she will come on her own.Sarab tells doctor she has poor memory and hence he has taken notes.The doctor calls them cute and leaves.Meher stamp on his feet and leave followed by Sarab clutching his foot.

Meher says everyone works so hard for election and here he is attending her.Sarab tells her nothing is more important than her and baby.Meher is moved when he says just because she carries the baby don’t mean he has responsibility.He further explain that everytime a mother has an appointment even a father does.Meher says sorry and thank you.

Dolly drinks with Kulwant at home.Kulwant says Dolly that with the delivery tension coming up,why not send Meher here for 2-3 months.Dolly says what a coincidence as they just discussed it in the morning but sadly Sarab and Meher both refused to follow tradition.

Kulwant thinks she will lose respect in panchayat and have to do something.She pretend and say she is worried about Dolly.Dolly says why me,am I the one pregnant.Kulwant says elections are coming up.Sarab will be busy,Harleen will take care of Param and on top of it Meher will deliver.If something goes wrong she will be held responsible.Dolly asks her to stop.She says she believe tradition and hence Meher will come to her house.Kulwant laughs happily.

Dolly comes and tells Harleen to start preparation for Meher Godh Barai.Harleen says no way.They have to think about Meher as she will get tired.

Dolly says she is not able to understand her sometimes but tells her to keep function fast so Meher can go to her maternity home.Dolly further says whether Sarab believe or not but Kulwant does so why intervene between them.Harleen gets happy.

Param rushes as soon as Sarab and Meher come home and says he missed them so much.Harleen pretend that they will miss Meher when she go away for so many days but then traditions are to be followed.She cunningly tells Dolly not to tell Sarab or Param as they will get tensed.As Dolly was drunk she believe it when Harleen tell her that Sarab and Param are close to Meher and Param can’t sleep without her.So she tell Dolly not to tell anything until time comes.She agree and leaves.Harleen thinks Meher will be away for atleast 3-4 months and away from Sarab,This will be her chance to take control of everything again.

Meher hiccups and keeps walking.Sarab makes her to sit but Meher says she just need to walk and gets irritated.Sarab try to call doctor and she scold him getting irritated.Sarab says she is having mood swings.Meher struggle with acidity and indigestion.He says something about 8.45 pm and ask her not to come out.Sarab calls her to remind the time.She gets annoyed and come out.

Meher is surprised to see Sarab has arranged couch and bonfire,pop corn.He says he has arranged for movie.Meher is happy to see Pyaar ke punchanama movie playing on movie screen and says she loves Karthik Aryan.Sarab gets jealous and praise the heroines.Meher tease he is annoyed.He denies.

Meher praises Kartik’s body.Sarab says if he remove his shirt,even Salman won’t match up.He says he had made so many arrangements and she neither said sorry or thank u.Merry remind him that he was the one who said in friendship no sorry or thank you.Sarab gets irritated with movie and switch it off.

Precap – Meher says she don’t think her mom is the right candidate and asks him to take her name out.Sarab says it will happen as per her wish.Meher cut Kulwant name from list.