Choti Sarrdaarni 4th February 2020 Written Update: Kulwant prepare the house for Meher’sarrival

Today’s episode begins with Sarab complaining that inspite of him doing everything these wives always admire heroes bodies. He talks about the sad state of husbands without taking a breath. Meher claps and says he is the best. Then shies and goes back to sit. She asks him to take off mute and they continue watching movie. Sarab warms his hand in fire and touches her cheeks to keep her warm. Meher fall asleep on his shoulder, he then carries her inside. Meher wakes up and says how come she came here they were watching movie in lawn. Sarab asks if he don’t remember anything and touching her hand he says things happened that shouldn’t have happened.

Meher instantly worries. Sarab with a serious face prank her saying she held his hand saying she wanted to be in his arms and asked him to hug close. Meher says he is lying and start crying he is bluffing. Sarab accept he was pranking and tells her he just carried her inside. He tells her he is going to office for a busy day. Meher says she is also going for hospital office to check the medicine supplies.

Kulwantcalls Amrita and Jeeto to start cleaning room downstairs and says Meher is coming in three days. They get happy. She gives instructions to renovate the room for Meherarrival. They discuss Meher’sfavoritecolor to paint the room and Amrita tells them its yellow. Kulwant says she wants Meher to feel loved like the way Sarab and Param loves her. Kulwant then leave for hospital to get admission for Ramlal daughter as she promised in panchayat.

Tharkash asks Meher to sign the receipt for medicine. Meher says Sarab is signing authority. Tharkash tells her its just receipt and a family members can sign. She signs it and tells him she will handle the transport of extra medicine to small clinic. She calls Jagga and request tempo to transport medicines on a condition he take the rent. Jagga deny rent but after Meher insist to keep business and personal separate he agrees. She hears Kulwant’s shout inside hospital and rush to see Kulwant shouting at a doctor saying its her daughter’s hospital.

Meher comes to check what happened. Kulwant complain that they are making her fill out a form instead of allowing room. Meher tells her rules are same for all and fill out form. Harleen and Pathak comes and Harleen taunt that forms are being filled inside ward. Meher says she is right and gives to Ramlal to fill outside. Kulwant asks if party list is ready.

Harleen says by evening. Kulwant says her name will be there for sure as she is his mother in law. Pathak says thanks to Meher although she didn’t approve his brother in law company. He hands her a card saying they also supply nurses and ward boy in case they need. Meher politely accept it. She leaves to oversee work and Harleen smirks remembering she will leave in three days and says sarcastically that she will miss her. Sarab comes home and Harleen asks for the party list. She reads it and look at him in shock.

Precap –Meher tells Sarab that her mother is not the right candidate for party and asks him to remove her name from list. Sarab says anything she wishes. Meher cuts the name. Robby listens to their conversation and tells Dolly and Harleen.