Choti Sarrdaarni 5th December 2019 Written Update: Jagga and Meher are chased by the goons

Today’s episode begins with Robby asking the goons not to let Meher out of airport and kill her as soon as she step out.Goons tell him not to worry as all his men are waiting out ready to shoot her and Attari police have gone to bring Meher out.One of the men comes and tells Attari police is just coming then who was those two men.Robby scolds them that if they miss her Sirji will not spare them.They see Jagga and Meher dressed in police uniform going away in bike.

At the court the prosecutor says Sarab killed his wife.Defense lawyer says that an accused is not guilty until the dead body is found and there is no proof of murder.Prosecutor shows the mail Sarab sent to Tharkhaji 5 hours before Meher was dead. Defense lawyer says it doesn’t prove anything as his mail could have been hacked.Prosecutor calls Kulwant to witness box and asks what could be the reason Sarab killed his wife. Kulwant thinks whether he came to know that Meher is pregnant with someone else’s baby.She says she don’t know and cries.She says it was her mistake that she got Meher married to Sarab thinking he is a good and wealthy man.She blames herself for the madness and accuse that Sarab took Meher to Serbia for honeymoon and killed her.Prosecutor says that a mom’s tears can never lie.Defense lawyer counters that court needs proof it’s not a theater. Kulwant gets hysterical and judge asks her to sit.

Meher and Jagfa are followed and the goons finally surrounded them with guns.One of them holds both Jagga and Meher at gunpoint and messages Robby that they are caught.Robby smiles.The prosecutor says Sarab is silent because he is either guilty or he don’t have anything to say.Judge warns Sarab that his silence can go against him. Sarab says he has nothing to say.Param,Harley and Dolly asks him to speak up but Sarab remains mum when prosecutor asks him of he killed his wife or not.Judge recesses for break before giving decision.

Jagga and Meher fights the goons.They escape in bike but the goons follow them in jeep closely. Sarab hugs Param when he asks him to come home.Lawyer says his silence will go against him and he might be convicted. Sarab says he don’t care. Harleen says they do and asks him to think about Param. Sarab says he thought about him and hence transferred all his properties in Param’s name and Dolly and Harleen will be its trustees until Param becomes 18.Robby gets upset seeing the documents.He takes Harleen aside and says how come Sarab transferred his entire property in Param’s name as she too has a share in it. Harleen scolds him for talking about properties when her brother’s life is at stake.She leaves disgusted. Sarab tells Param to be strong.

The goons shoot Jagga in the arm and the bike skids throwing Both of them down. Meher ties a kerchief in his wound while the goons come towards them at full speed while Robby sees it on video call.At the last minute Meher throws something making the car skid and it hit a tree.Judge says all the proofs denote that Sarab is murderer.While Jagga and Meher reach court.Two goons disguised as lawyers stop them and Jagga fights them as Meher runs toward courtroom. She stops seeing press.

Precap – Sarab sees Meher and walks toward her outside courtroom.He wipes her tears while she hold his hand.