Choti Sarrdaarni 5th February 2020 Written Update: Meher’s decision shocks Kulwant Kaur

Today’s episode starts with Harleen reads the party list and finds Kulwant Kaur Dhillon’s name and questions Sarabjeet. Dolly interrupts and says Kulwant is Sarab’s mother-in law. Sarab then counts Kulwant’s good work and Harleen asks him to stop. She than sees the other candidate name and feel relief.

Afterwards, Sarab comes to room and Param tells to him that Meher was missing her. Meher feels shy and Sarabjeet makes faces hearing Param. Further, Meher sees Kulwant’s name in the candidate list and asks Sarabjeet to withdraw her name as she don’t deserve the seat.

There, Kulwant dreams of becoming MLA. Here, Sarabjeet decides to withdraw Kulwant’s name from the list after Meher pleads him. Rovi over hears Meher and Sarab’s talk and Param spots him. Other side, candidate Pathak thanks Harleen for choosing him as the party candidate. Later, Rovi informs Dolly and Harleen that Meher demanded Sarab to withdraw Kulwnat’s name from the list. Sarab agrees to her. Harleen thinks now the game is interesting.

Kulwant practice her speech and gets ready for the meeting. Yuvi cheers up for Kulwant.

Everyone gathers for the meeting. Kulwant comes and Harleen and Rovi smirk. Kulwant gets happy meeting Harleen, Dolly and Rovi. Pathak wishes Kulwant good luck but Kulwant asks Pathak to keep the luck for him. Harleen gets happy thinking Kulwant will be insulted today.

Sarabjeet’s manager announces the name of party candidates. Sarabjeet calls Meher on the stage and asks her to sit with him. Meher says she is fine sitting with the family. Harleen asks Meher to go and stand with Sarabjeet. Ahead, Kulwant along with Jaaga and others gets shocked when instead of her Jagga gets the party ticket. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Harleen informs Kulwant that Meher is behind withdrawing her name from the candidate list.