Choti Sarrdaarni 6th February 2020 Written Update: The candidates for party are announced

Today’s episode begins with Tharkash announcing the candidate names. Tharkash announces Jagga as the candidate for attari. Kulwant is shocked while Harleensmirk. Jagga is shocked and tell Kulwant he will talk to Sarab as there seem to be some confusion.

Tharkash calls Jagga to come on stage. Patak taunt indirectly. Sarab congratulate Jagga. Dolly, Patak taunt sarcastically at Kulwant. Jagga asks how come became the candidate. Sarab says he is the right candidate as he is honest and straight forward. Sarab gives ticket to Jagga. Kulwantleaves. Harleen tells Jagga to stay on stage and she will not let Kulwantleave. Jagga tells Meher all this ticket, election and becoming MLA is the dream of their mother.

Meher tells Jagga its not about dreams, its about what a leader can do for the people. She assure him that party needs a honest person like him. Harleen follow Kulwant and ask her to stop. Kulwant yell at Harleen for listening to Patak and taking away her name from list. Harleen smirk at her telling that its true she was the choice of Sarab and her name was even in the list and was later removed. Harleen smirk at Kulwant and says it was not her but Meher.

She further ask Kulwant why did her own daughter steal her dream and if they have any past history. Kulwant is speechless and leave angrily. Harleen smiles saying one out and next is Meher. As soon as the God bharai is done it will be a one way ticket to her mother’s house as she will never let Meher set foot in this house again.

Yuvi asks his classmate swamy to sit at back as he is going to become class monitor. Swamy tells him its given only to those who are best in studies and sports. The teacher gives the post to Swamy and everyone laugh at Yuvi. Yuvi later cry for not becoming class monitor.

Tharkash announces the next candidate and Patak , Harleen look expectantly. InsteadThrakash reads the name of Vishnu chouhan. Everyone is shocked. Flashback shows Meher reading Patak’s name and says she knows him for a long time as he used to come and go to their home. Meher says he has several alcohol shops and has many illegal ventures.

Sarab takes the list from her and cuts Patak’s name. Harleen is stunned as she recollect promising Patak that he will get the ticket. Press asks her how come Patak din’t get ticket as he was close to her. Dolly interrupt and save Harleen from press. She ask her to clarify with Sarab.

Harleen take Sarab aside and ask why he didn’t tell her about removing Patak from party. Sarab tells her Meher. He explain about Patak side ventures and that he had hid from all of them. Hence he didn’t give ticket to him. He tell her she knows how much he respect her bud this is for party’s welfare. He tells her, he can give the ticket if she still insist. Dolly comment to Robby that Meher has already taken over home, hospital now election too. Meher feel bad but stays quiet. Harleen leave.

At Kulwanthouse, Bittu , jeeto and people dance to celebrate Kulwant’svictory. Rana tell him that she didn’t get ticket. Bittu gets angry thenaskwho got it. Jagga gets down from jeep wearing garland. Amrita tells him his brother got the ticket and asks where Kulwantis. Jeeto says she hasn’t come home. Yuvi come home crying that he want to be class monitor and is willing to sacrifice everything for it. He cries that he will die if he don’t get it. Amrita scold him and he runs inside crying. The brothers leave to search.

Sarab tells Meher that if Harleen di feels this bad about Patak not getting ticket, then imagine how Kulwant would be feeling as we ruined her hope. Meher says its not about hope or dreams but about the development and wellness of people in Attari. She tell him not to worry as he took the right decision as although her mother didn’t get ticket, she would be happy that her son did as she loves Jagga.