Choti Sarrdaarni 7th January 2020 Written Update: Param insults Harleen at DastarBandi

Today’s episode begins with Kulwant taunting Harleen about skipping Meher and her name in the DastarBandiinvitation. She will show another invite and tells Harleen that Sarab made another card including their names respectfully and distributed it to everyone. Harleen is shocked. Kulwant further taunt her to look at Sarablovingly taking care of Meher. Ginny and colide with eachother accidentally and shares eyelockmesmerized. Meher comes there and interrupt. Theyleave hurriedly. Jeeto sneaks money to Amrita and she puts it in same envelope. Amrita gives it to Meher and wish her. LaterJeeto hugs her. Bittu gestures her to give envelope. Jeeto reluctantly gives it to her and Meher asks why two as Amrita as already given shagun. Jeeto lies that some empty envelope was lying down. Meher leaves to check arrangements and Jeeto is relieved that Bittu dint see her with Amrita.

Param looks at himself and says to Yuvi that he looks like super hero as Mehermumma got him ready. Yuvi tease him that at his DastarBandinot only didMeherreadied him she also tied his pug. He tells Param that when Meher Bua ties pug Sardarji becomes super sardarji and shows his biceps saying he is strong. Param became worried. The function starts and elderly man asks Harleen to tie Pug for Param as his Bua. HoweverParam stops harleen when she was about to tie it and tells her only Meher can tie his pug. Harleen is shocked and feels sad. Param is very adamant and sits on Meher’s lap asking her to tie. Harleen leaves from there. Sarab scolds Param and he leaves crying. Meher follow him.

Harleen sits alone feeling insulted and overhear Kulwant taunting Dolly. Dolly tells Kulwant that someone must have surely taught Param to speak like this as he is a well mannered child and tells she need to find out. Meher goes to Param’s room and lovingly makes him understand that only bua ties pug during DastarBandiand that a Sardarji becomes super Sardarji by being a good child. She will further make him realize his mistake for rudely speaking to Harleen in front of everyone. Sarab looks at them and smiles. Param says sorry to them and Meher tells him to apologize to Harleen. Param apologize to Harleenbut she remains quiet. Meher gestures him to say it again. Param hugs and apologize again asking her to tie his pug and make him super sardarji. Harleen hugs him back and recollect Dolly’s words that someone must have instigated Param. Harleenasks him who taught to say whatever he said. Param says Meher. Harleen misunderstand and thinks Meher did this to insult her in front of her in laws.

Precap – Param happily celebrate Lohri. Meher is shocked to see Param passing urine in red color.