Choti Sarrdaarni 8th January 2020 Written Update: Title Meher’s first lohri celebration

Today’s episode begins with Harleen tying turban for Param and performing the dastarbandiceremony. Sarab gets emotional and wipe his tears. Param runs and hugs Meher. Harleen look at Meher and thinks Meher was behind her insult recollecting Param’swords.

Param asks for Lohri money to Harleen, Dolly and Harleen mom in law. Harleen’s mom in law tell Param that royal family like them do not ask for lohrimoney. Param tells her its fun when kids do this and tell them Meher taught this. Harleen is annoyed. Yuvi misbehaves with an aunty asking for lohriintimidatingly. Jaggascolds Yuvi to mind his manners. Bittu sees this and taunt about bad parenting to Jeeto. The brothers are about to get into argument when Meher comes and seeing her they pretend to be normal.

The lohri celebration begin in the evening and Sarablits the bonfire with Meher and Param and wish Meher on her first Lohri. Hefurther thanks her for coming into his life and being a part of his happiness and troubles. Harleen is annoyed. Kulwant takes the mic and thanks Harleenfor choosing Meher for Sarab and asks Harleen to hug Meher in this special occasion.

Harleen reluctantly hug her as her mother in law asks her to do so. Jeeto gives sweets to Jagga and he ignore her. Meher sees this and asks what is the matter. Jagga leaves and Bittu glares at him. Meher thinks there is definitely something wrong between both brothers.

Sarab gifts MeherPayal and tells everyone jokingly that along with Param, Meher started policing him so this Payal will be an alarm of upcoming danger. Kulwant is pleased and asks him to put it on Meher. Sarab goes on one knee and makes Meher to keep her leg on his lap and puts the payal on her(Romantic song plays in the background as they share eyelock)

Dolly asks what Meher is going to gift Sarab that he don’t have already. Meher says she is right, Sarab has everything money can buy that’s why she is giving her promise as gift and promises that she will always be by his side through happiness and Sadness. She will further promise that his happiness is her priority. Sarab ask for one more promise from her and says he wants her as his wife in all future births. He extend his hand towards her. Meher is moved. Param joins both their hands. Bittu calls for music and soon the family starts dancing happily.

Meher knocks the bathroom and Param come out. She asks if he washed his hands after peeing. He says he forgot and rush back to the washroom. Meher reminds him again that once he pees, he need to flush then wash his hands. Param says he forgot to flush and Yuvi will wait for him. Meher says she will do it this time. She is then shocked to see blood in toilet.

Precap – Meher searches for Param and tells Sarab she needs to speak to him about something important.