Choti Sarrdaarni 9th January 2020 Written Update: Meher takes Param to hospital

Today’s episode begins with Meher getting shocked seeing blood in western toilet. She runs behind Param but people keep  stopping her for selfies and good wishes. She will try to talk to Sarab but Dolly tell her to leave him as he is enjoying party. Meher then tells him she is going to her room to rest. Sarabgets concerned and Dolly tells him its quite common in pregnancy that women have back ache will be alright. Meher goes to her room and calls doctor to tell him about blood in Param’surine. Doctors tells her it might be infection and if she is in doubt bring him to hospital tomorrow so he can check him up. Meher checks in internet. She makes Param drink full glass of beetroot juice. Sarab calls Meher and tells her that he came out with friends and will come home late.

Bittu asks Jeeto to bring him some food as he is hungry. Kulwant, Rana and Yuvi is looking at party pics in mobile. Jeeto tells him there is only left over alooparatha and brings it. Yuvi says he is hungry too and talks rudely to Bittu. Bittu gets irritated with him and calls him a grinder. Amrita gets angry with Bittu and tells him, Yuvi eats in his father’s money and not a charity case like him. She calls him jobless. Bittu throws down plate. Jagga comes and again both brothers start fighting. Kulwant stops it and sends them to their rooms. She is extremely happy to control everyone.

The next morning Sarabrush to a meeting and again Meher dint get a chance to tell Sarab. Yuvi calls Kulwant and tells her Amrita and Jeeto are fighting in the kitchen. Amrita tell Kulwant they are leaving this house. Kulwant scolds her but Jagga comes and tell her it is his decision as he cant fight everyday and he leaves for the peace of this house. Kulwant refuse and tell himJeeto and Bittu are the ones to go but Jaggainsist that Bittu wont be able to manage alone and They have decided to leave. Kulwant orders them to go back to their room and tells them she knows how to make Bittu apologize.

Dolly, Ginny, Harleen and her mom in law are playing cards. Ginny shows her and Rana picture and praise his dancing skill. Harleen tells him he does nothing useful and jobless. Ginny quote filmy dialogue. Param comes and greet everyone and tell them they are going to buy kite. Meher tells them its Mahara Sankranti and hence kite. Dolly and Harleen taunt that royal families don’t play with kites but golf and snookers. Param insist on playing kites and asks them join. Theyagree. Meher takes him to hospital. Param asks why are they here. Meher tells him they are here for a small check up. She hugs him and worries.

Precap – Param and Meher does blood test and Meher tells him they are donating blood. Harleen sees band aid in Paramarm. Param tells he and Meher donated blood. Dolly and Harleen scold her.