Choti Sarrdaarni shoot to continue in Hyderabad?

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni last witnessed that Gill family with Sandhya gave Seher a beautiful birthday surprise. It seems that Sarab is becoming soft towards Sandhya. Further, Raajan got bail and released and he will be bringing a new trouble for Gills and Sandhya.

In the last episode, after dresses Seher got cycle as her birthday gift. Param told Sarab that he knows he also talks to Meher just like Sandhya. Sarab is not able to hallucinate Meher now. Sarab calmed kids by telling that Meher will surely come. From Kulwant, Harleen got to know that Raajan got bailed but she refused to inform Sarab thinking to not ruin his happiness.

Ginni-Ranna and Bittu-Jeeto did some exchange with each other and Kulwant-Yuvi’s gift for Seher. Seher got beautifully ready but refused to open her eyes till Sandhya gets her gifts and Meher. Kulwant too reached Gill Mansion and asked about Sandhya and Seher.

Param and Karan brought Seher out in the hall for celebration. Yuvi opened gifts by Ginni-Ranna and Bittu-Jeeto and everyone laughter seeing them. Everyone tried to make Seher open her eyes. Seher even not opened her eyes when her fairy doll cake came.

Suddenly lights started fluctuating. Sandhya made Meher’s projection making everyone happy and emotional. Meher projection wished Seher happy birthday with another projection. Seher thanked Sandhya and cut her cake. Everybody clicked family pictures and danced with each other.

Sandhya received Seher’s reports and told Sarab that Seher is now absolutely fine. Sandhya decided to leave Gill Mansion. Sarab again hallucinated Meher and talked to her. Seher and Sandhya shared a cute moment. Sandhya was about to leave when some police officer entered Gill Mansion.

Police officer Randeep Huda accused Sarab of Meher’s murder and affair with Sandhya. They even showed arrest warrant.

In the upcoming episode, Sarab will be taken to police station. He will get shocked on learning that Raajan filed a false complaint against him for helping Sandhya. Sarab will go out of control and attack Raajan. He will ask Raajan where his Meher is.

We in our earlier posts informed that B Praak will come in Baisakhi episode as special guest. We also shared the latest promo, which showed that Fateh and Sarabjit will help each other meet their love in special Mahasangam episode of Udaariyaan and Choti Sarrdaarni. See Promo:

As per information from sources shooting of Choti Sarrdaarni will not get halt. Cast will be shooting Hyderabad for some time.

Who will get Sarabjit out of prison, Meher or Sandhya? How will Sarabjit get out this mess created by Raajan?

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