Choti Sarrdaarni: Mahasangam episode ahead, Sarabjit to reach Meher with Fateh’s help, See New Promo

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni last witnessed that furious Sandhya told Sarabjit that she will not follow his rules anymore. On Meher’s hallucination’s words Sarabjit agreed to let Sandhya stay till Seher gets well. In future episode, it will be interesting to see whether Sarab will forgive Sandhya or not. Further, according to new promo chances for Nimrit’s return increased.

In the last episode, Sandhya made Karan happy by lying to him that Param made Rabdi Jalebi for him. Param told Karan that this Rabdi Jalebi was not made by him, Sandhya lied to him. Both brothers got into a tiff.

Param challenged Karan that he could prove that Sandhya lied to him. Meher’s hallucination asked Sarab to stop Param. Sarab denies stopping Param. Karan asked Sandhya to make Param talk to Meher.

Sandhya again pretended talking to Meher. Param, Karan and Seher asked Sandhya to ask Seher’s date of birth from Meher. Sandhya couldn’t give any answer to the kids. Seher and Karan asked Sandhya to prove Param that she can talk to Meher.

Sandhya again pretended to talk to Meher and told that Seher’s birthday is tomorrow i.e. 14th April. Kulwant with Ranna and Yuvi went to Jagga’s office and they recalled memories with him. Yuvi and Kulwant gave Jagga’s work responsibility to Ranna and warned him to work seriously.

Other side it was revealed that Sarab helped Sandhya with Seher’s date of birth. Param hugged Sandhya with mixed emotions. Param talked to Meher through Sandhya. Seher cried and told everyone that in her last birthday Sarab was not there and now Meher is not there.

Seher refused to celebrate Seher’s birthday without Meher. Kulwant told that Sarab invited them for Seher’s birthday celebration. Ginni and Yuvi revealed to Jeeto and Bittu that Ranna has joined Jagga’s business.

Harleen asked Sarab didn’t he thought that if Seher will cut her birthday cake, she will miss Meher more. Param explained Sandhya about Gill family’s tradition, that they have family photo on every member’s birthday. Sandhya saw kids sad without Meher and promised them that Meher will surely come on Seher’s birthday.

In the upcoming episode, Sarab will get angry on Sandhya and ask her why she made a false promise to kids that she will bring Meher on Seher’s birthday. She will reply with confidence that Meher will surely come on Seher’s birthday.

Colors recently released a new promo, according to which there will be a Mahasangam episode of Udaariyaan and Choti Sarrdaarni on 19th April 2021. As per the promo Fateh and Sarabjit will help each other reach their love. See Promo:

How will Sandhya fulfil her promise and bring Meher on Seher’s birthday? Will Sandhya’s character end after Meher’s return?

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