Choti Sarrdaarni: Meher to return? See New Promo

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni last witnessed that Sandhya tried her best to stay away from Sarabjit and his kids. In future episode, Sandhya will get fed up and deny following Sarabjit’s rules. Further, it will be worth to watch if Nimrit will return to the sets or not.

In the last episode, Sandhya hid from Sarab. Param refused Sandhya’s help in his homework as Karan chose Sandhya over her. Ranna showed care for Kulwant to impress her and get her debit card. Kulwant gave him her debit card without pin. Kulwant politely asked him to do some job and earn.

Seher gave Sandhya the idea to make Karan happy with Rabdi and Jalebi. Param overheard them and took servant’s help to cook Rabdi and Jalebi for Karan. Servant left making jalebis and Param tried to make a plate of Jalebi with Rabdi for Karan but burnt his hand.

Sandhya and Sarab came in front of each other in worry for Sarab. They applied medicine on Param’s burn. Param told Sarab about Sandhya and Karan’s chit exchange talks. Sarab git angry and asked Sandhya to leave. Sandhya defended herself and Sarab warned her for breaking his rules. She tore Sarab’s rules and told him that she will not follow any rules from now on.

Sandhya told Sarab she would have to change his house’s environment. She got angry on Sarab and further told him that she will talk and enjoy with kids. Sandhya recalled how she and Sanjeev came in front of Meher’s car and wished it never happened. She requested Sarab to tolerate her till Seher gets well.

Harleen asked Sarab to let Sandhya stay till Seher gets well. Sarab once again hallucinated Meher, explaining him to thank Sandhya for saving and caring for Seher. Sarab agreed to let Sandhya stay till Seher gets well.

Colors recently released a new promo of Choti Sarrdaarni, which showed that Sarab still thinks that Meher is alive and will return. He is seen crying with Meher’s photos. Other side Meher is also shown in hospital in the promo. The background voice says, “Kya Sarab ka yakeen wapis laa paaega Meher ko?” See Promo:

Will Meher return? How will makers show Meher’s return? Will Sandhya’s character end?

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