Choti Sarrdaarni: Sandhya and Karan to talk through chits

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni last witnessed that Seher got badly ill and Sandhya’s presence helped her to get well. Sarabjit allowed Sandhya to stay back for Seher but with his set rules. Now, it will be worth to watch how Sandhya will follow Sarabjit’s rules when Karan will not be able to stay away from her.

In the last episode, Sarab permitted Sandhya to stay at his house with some rules. Rule No. 1 Sandhya will not come be allowed to come in front of Sarab’s eyes. Rule No. 2 Sandhya will not meet anyone else except Seher. Rule No.3 Sandhya’s made food and her voice should not reach Sarab. Rule No. 4 Sandhya will live in Gill Mansion’s out house, her food and everything will be done only in outhouse. Sandhya signed the papers and accepted all conditions of Sarab.

At Dhillon house, Ginni-Ranna and Jeeto-Bittu got indulged into a fight for household work in front of Yuvi. Param tried to explain Seher that Sandhya is lying to her. Karan informed them that Sarab made 4 rules for Sandhya’s stay near Gill Mansion.

Kulwant apologized to Sandhya for Sarab’s behaviour. Sarab again hallucinated Meher, in which the she scolded Sarab for behaving badly with Sandhya. Sandhya got scared by lizard and fell down.

At Dhillon house Kulwant asked Jeeto and Ginni to shut their fight. Yuvi asked Kulwant why didn’t she scolded Jeeto and Ginni. She replied that she is trying Meher’s way to explain Ginni and Jeeto their duties towards family. Seher thanked Sarab for letting Sandhya stay near them.

Param informed Sarab that Karan went to hear bedtime story from Sandhya. Sarab angrily went to Sandhya to get Karan. Other side Yuvi praised Kulwant for making tasty food. Kulwant taught Ginni, Ranna, Bittu and Jeeto a lesson.  Sarab found Karan with Harleen. He asked Karan did Sandhya called him in her room.

In the upcoming episode, Param will advise Karan to stay away from Sandhya as Sarab doesn’t like her. Karan and Sandhya will talk through chits. Sandhya will prepare to give Karan a surprise but will stop seeing Sarab with Karan.

As per sources Meher is alive and will return soon.

What will be Sarabjit’s reaction if he will catch Sandhya and Karan talking through chits? Will Kulwant’s lesson make Jeeto, Ginni, Ranna and Bittu realize their mistakes? How will Nimrit’s character get introduced?

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