Choti Sarrdaarni: Sandhya to refuse following Sarabjit’s rules

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni last witnessed that Sarabjit allowed Sandhya to stay back for Seher but with his set rules. Next viewers will watch how Sandhya will handle Karan’s eagerness to meet her without Sarabjit knowing anything. Further, it will be worth to watch how makers will bring Nimrit back to the show as her character is already shown dead.

In the last episode, Karan told Sarab that Sandhya didn’t let him in because of his rules. Sarab thought its all Sandhya’s drama. He warned Karan to not go to Sandhya. Sarab again hallucinated Meher, who tried to convince him to let Karan talk to Sandhya. Sarab didn’t got convinced. He cried and requested Meher to return to him.

Meher told him that she remains in his heart. Sarab showed confidence that he will soon meet Meher. Some cute and romantic scenes of Sarab and Meher were shown. Next morning Sandhya made a time table with Ajay Ji’s help to be away from Sarab as per rules made by Sarab. Kulwant got to know that Sandhya didn’t drank water since last night.

Kulwant made Sandhya eat Meher’s favourite aloo paranthas. They wished that Seher get well soon. Sandhya promised to make Seher well soon. Param asked Karan why he avoided him. Karan got angry with Param for complaining about him to Sarab. Param tried explain Karan and Seher that Sandhya can’t talk to Meher.

Param told Karan that Sarab is angry with Sandhya because she lied to him. He further warned Karan that he will not talk to him if he talks to Sandhya. Karan picked up and read Sandhya’s chits (letter) even after Param’s warning. Sandhya tried to be away from Sarab. Sandhya pretended talking to Meher and made Seher eat and do everything which she refused to eat or do to Sarab. Kulwant and Sarab witnessed it and got happy and relaxed.

At Dhillons Ginni and Jeeto fought for watching TV.  Kulwant praised Sandhya’s way of handling Seher but he ignored it. Sandhya made Seher feel Meher. Kulwant felt happy with Sandhya and Seher’s bond. Kulwant hugged Seher and showered love on her. Sandhya almost came in front of Sarab.

In the upcoming episode, Sarab will get angry on Sandhya for breaking rules. He will warn her for the last time. Sandhya will tear Sarab’s rules and state that she will not follow any rules from now on.

Did Sandhya broke any rules? How will Jeeto and Ginni’s fights end? What will be Sarabjit’s reaction on Sandhya’s decision of not following his rules? Will Seher and Karan let Sarab throw Sandhya out of their house?

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