Choti Sarrdaarni: Sarab to get accused of killing Meher for Sandhya

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni last witnessed that Sandhya came close to Param with Sarabjit’s help. Sandhya confidently promised kids that Meher will come on Seher’s birthday. Further, according to new promo the show is heading towards Meher aka Nimrit’s return.

In the last episode, Seher told Sarab that Sandhya promised them that she would bring Meher in Seher’s birthday party. Sarab asked Sandhya why did she gave false promise or hope to his kids, that she will bring Meher in Seher’s birthday party.

Doctor informed Sarab that Seher has recovered 70% because of Sandhya’s care. Sandhya accepted Seher’s treatment fees from Sarab. Both of them thanked each other for their help in Seher’s treatment.

Sandhya told Sarab that she didn’t lied to kids and Meher will surely come to Seher’s birthday party. He asked how, Sandhya told him her plan. Sarab again hallucinated Meher, she scolded him for insulting Sandhya by giving her Seher’s treatment fees and tip.

Next day Sandhya told Param and Karan that she kept fast for Seher. With kids, Sarab also accepted prasad from Sandhya. Sarab smiled on knowing that Sandhya calls him dragon daddy.

Seher dreamt of Meher wishing her birthday and singing a song for her. Sandhya and Gill family gave Seher a surprise, which made Seher recall Meher. She got various dresses as her birthday gift.

Seher thanked Sarab for celebrating her birthday so grandly. Seher read a card with Meher’s name and puzzle (paheli) to solve. Sandhya went outside to get some gifts for Seher. Someone informed Kulwant to not let Sandhya get out of Gill Mansion as Raajan got out from prison. Raajan followed Sandhya in market.

In the upcoming episode, Police will reach Gill Mansion with Sarab’s arrest warrant. They will accuse him of Meher’s murder and for having affair with Sandhya. Other side Meher’s will be shown in some hospital.

What is Raajan’s new plan against Sarabjit and Sandhya? Will Meher return and save them?

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