Choti Sarrdaarni: Sarabjit to make rules for Sandhya’s stay at Gill Mansion

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni last witnessed Meher’s death track, which led emotional breakdown of Gills and Dhillons. Now it will be worth to watch how Gills and Dhillons will handle each other in this time of their emotional breakdown.

In the last episode, whole family prayed for Seher to god. Sarab again hallucinated Meher. He continued giving Seher manual oxygen pump till next morning. Seher started taking oxygen herself and woke up making every one relaxed.

Sarab and everyone lied to Seher that Meher will return soon. Doctor praised Sandhya/Kavita’s hard work on Seher. He suggested to still take proper care of Seher.

Sarab searched for Kavita/Sandhya as servant informed that she left. Sarab ran outside his house and stopped Kavita/Sandhya. He requested her to stop for Seher’s betterment. She revealed her face to Sarab asked his permission to stay and take care of his kids especially Seher. She apologized to him for hiding herself.

Sarab got angered and blamed Sandhya for separating Meher from him and his family. Kulwant told Sarab that she brought Sandhya for Seher. Sarab asked Sandhya to leave. Kulwant requested Sarab to let Sandhya take care of Seher. Sarab didn’t got convinced to let Sandhya stay. He got angry on Kulwant too.

Kulwant gave Sandhya Meher’s and god’s swear to not go away from Gill Mansion. Karan told Seher about Sandhya being her nurse, so Seher requested Sarab to let Kavita/Sandhya stay.

Karan by mistake revealed that Kavita nurse is actually Sandhya. Harleen requested Sarab to at least think about Seher. Sarab locked himself and recalled Sandhya’s betrayal. Kulwant requested Harleen to convince Sarab.

Kulwant warned to take Seher and Sandhya to her home. Sarab hallucinated Meher again, who told him to give Sandhya another chance and let her stay with Seher.

In the upcoming episode, Sarab will allow Sandhya to stay in his house. Kulwant will read the rules made by Sarab for Sandhya. First rule, Sandhya will stay only as Seher’s nurse. Second, she will not meet or talk to anyone else than Seher.

Param will tell Sarab that Karan went to hear story from Sandhya. Sarab will get angry thinking Sandhya broke his rules on the very first day.

Whether Sarabjit will forgive Sandhya? Will Sarabjit throw Sandhya out for breaking his rules? How will Gills make Karan and Seher understand that Meher is dead and will not return? How will Nimrit’s character get introduced and Kratika’s character end?

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