Choti Sarrdaarni: Sarabjit to request Sandhya to stop and take care of Seher

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni last witnessed a newly introduced track, due to Nimrit’s break for her health issue. This track led to Nimrit’s character “Meher’s” death. In the upcoming episodes, Sandhya will be seen helping Sarabjit in handling his kids especially ill Seher in nurse’s disguise.

In the last episode, Karan asked Sandhya did she really talked to Meher in forest as he and Seher are waiting for her since that day. He requested Sandhya to make him talk to Meher once again. Hearing Meher’s name unconscious Seher moves her hand. They saw it and Karan said see even Seher’s wants the same.

Karan and Sandhya pretended talking to Meher. Karan asked questions from Meher and Sandhya replied to them pretending that she could talk to Meher. In between Sandhya got to know about Sarab and Param’s sadness.

Sarab hot happy witnessing Seher’s improvement. Karan handled the situation by lying to Sarab when the latter asked Sandhya to put off her mask and eat.

Yuvi requested Jeeto and Ginni to make him a pizza but the latter scolded him. He too tried scaring them with Kulwant’s name. On the other hand, Kulwant cheered up sad Param. Yuvi recalls Meher tried making pizza like her.

Tejo reached Gill Mansion with her trophy. Harleen and Sarab congratulated and welcomed her. Tejo made Sarab recall Meher. She praised Meher and his powerful love and personality. Both Tejo and Sarab discussed their life story. Sarab hallucinated Meher and explained Tejo the importance of love that Meher taught him.

Sarab told Tejo that he has faith that Meher will soon return. Tejo told him that her marriage is near but she still has not fallen in love. Sarab compared his situation with Tejo’s situation, and told her that she will surely fall in love someday, and asked her to just give herself a chance.

On Tejo’s request, Sarab gave Tejo trophy with his hands. Later he failed in waking up Seher. Gill Mansion’s electricity went off due to blast in transformer. Seher felt difficulty in breathing. Everyone got worried for Seher. Even the generator didn’t work. Sarab ordered for new generator. Sandhya and Sarab gave Seher injection and oxygen through manual oxygen pump.

In the upcoming episode, Sarab will desperately request Sandhya to stay in Gill Mansion. She will finally reveal her face to Sarab and ask for his permission to stay in house and take care if his kids.

We already informed about that Nimrit will soon return and Kartika will make an exit from the show.

Will Sarabjit allow Sandhya to take care of his kids? Whether Sarabjit will forgive Sandhya? How will Gills make Karan and Seher understand that Meher is dead and will not return? How will Nimrit’s character get introduced and Kratika’s character end?

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