Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Gills return India after 5 years, Meher fails to recognize Karan in Kashmir

Choti Sarrdaarni Pics
Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Gills return India after 5 years, Meher fails to recognize Karan in Kashmir

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni is all set to witness twist and turns and a leap ahead. Meher got accused of her own brother Jagga’s death. Jagga’s crimination ceremony was held. Both Gill and Dhillon family broke down with Jagga’s loss. Kulwant and Yuvi Dhillon in hate became enemy of Gill Family.

In the current track viewers watched that Court announced life imprisonment to Meher. Sarabjit broke down and Meher asked him to tell the kids that their Meher Mumma died. Kulwant started training Yuvi to get Jagga’s murder revenge from Meher and Gills. Kulwant also visited Gill Mansion with Meher’s belonging’s ashes and threatened/warned Harleen that she will take revenge and finish Meher and Gill Family. Meher and Sarabjit also got separated on heart wrenching note.

In the upcoming track viewers will get to watch Dhillons and Gills life after 5 years. Where Kulwant will be seen continuing Yuvi’s training to get revenge on Meher and Gill Family, Amrita will be seen dead in the show, reasons are not yet revealed. Sarabjit, Harleen and Younger Karan will be seen returning Punjab, India after 5 years.

Meher will be seen exonerated by court and living with a new name Sirat and her daughter Seher in Kashmir. She will be working as a Caterer/Chef in a restaurant.

Seher will be seen as a little naughty and cute girl who misses her father a lot and have habits similar to Sarabjit. Kids and People surrounding her will be seen teasing and asking Seher about her father. She will get restless with all the teasing and questions. Seher in anger will beat and throw things of people who will tease her.

Meher will scold Seher for her behaviour. Seher will run and reach her Kaul uncle (Played by Abhishek Rawat) for help. She will ask him to help her get rid of Meher’s scolding. Where Seher will again wish from god to meet her father and Meher will tell her that her father lives far away behind the mountains in a big white castle. Kaul will be seen feeling for Meher and think to propose her soon. He will also ask Meher that why she doesn’t tell Seher and Sarabjit about each other as it is their right. Meher will recall past memories and tell Kaul that she has left everything on God, God will himself/herself unite father-daughter.

As per sources Seher and Karan will become the reason of Meher and Sarabjit’s reunion. We have got our hands on some pictures and videos from the upcoming track where Meher will be seen coming face to face with Sarabjit and Karan too in Kashmir but at different places. If sources are to be believed, Meher will fail to recognize Karan. She will recognize Sarabjit but will either avoid him or try to hide from him. Sources also say that soon Kashmir track will end and Choti Sarrdaarni’s cast will return Mumbai and continue shoot there. See below:

What will happen when Sarabjit will get to know about his daughter Seher and Meher living in Kashmir? What are Bittu and Ranna doing in Kashmir are they with or against Meher?

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