Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Harleen bribes Param’s school teacher, Meher senses trouble

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Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Harleen bribes Param’s school teacher, Meher senses trouble

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Current Track of the show revolves around Meher and Sarabjit’s parenting and Amrita’s independence. Amrita joins husband Jagga’s office to help her mother and brother fight financial crises but Kulwant being an orthodox doesn’t want her perfect daughter-in-law to go and work outside and makes a kidnapping plan to stop and scare family. Therefore, Kulwant gives Ranna and Bittu responsibility to Kidnap Amrita.

On other side at gill mansion tiff is going on between Meher and Harleen as Harleen feels Meher is going tough on Param. Because of Harleen’s blind love Param has also become irresponsible and has lost interest in studies. Meher made a strict timetable for Param to become a good boy but he does not follow it properly and just play on his tablet cheating his Meher Mumma.

In the upcoming Episode we will see that Meher will rescue Amrita safely and bring her home. Kulwant will get relieved knowing doesn’t recognized Kidnappers being Rana and Bittu. Sarab and Meher will be seen in tashan and have light moments with each other in car and even after reaching gill mansion. Meher will get Param ready for his video class and school unit test after which Sarab will make Meher sleep.

Param will fall asleep in class, making his classmates laugh and teacher angry on him. Param’s teacher will try calling Meher but she will not be able to pick her call being asleep. Harleen will receive Param’s teacher’s call and will get tensed thinking if Meher will get to know about Param’s mistake, she will scold him. Therefore Harleen will bribe the teacher, who will accept it and hide Param’s mistake.

Next day Meher will ask Param about his unit test who will stutter while answering. Harleen will answer Meher on Param’s behalf to save him. On the other side Kulwant will act being scared of sending Amrita out of the house for job. But Amrita will somehow make Jagga agree for her job, which will annoy Kulwant more.

If sources and recent promos are to be believed, Meher will ask Kulwant for her share in Property. Kulwant will scold and curse her for it. Meher will receive Param’s complaints from school. Authorities will say that they will suspend Param for his misconduct. As per sources old enemy Robbie will re-enter gill’s life taking benefit of Meher and Harleen’s argument and tiff. He will create more troubles for Meher and Sarabjit. Show Choti Sarrdaarni as per sources will soon take a leap of 5 years, which will bring a drastic change in all characters life. This leap will come in one-two months.

Will Meher be able to save Param from suspension? How will Meher face all the troubles? Will Amrita be able to fight all her troubles and become independent? Will Harleen and Param’s teacher get exposed?

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