Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Jagga and Meher supports Amrita, Param to face Meher’s ignorance

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Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Jagga and Meher supports Amrita, Param to face Meher’s ignorance

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Current track of the Show is revolving around Meher and Sarab’s Parenting and about Amrita’s rights. On one side Param cheated Meher by not following Timetable made by her and also sleeping in his exam. Harleen is also supporting and spoiling Param in her blind love. She stooped low by bribing his teacher.

While both Harleen and Param are keeping Meher in dark, Meher on the other side is taking a stand for her Bhabhi (Sister-in-law) Amrita. Amrita wants to work hard and support her brother and mother in their bad time but Kulwant does not want her Bahu (Daughter-in-law) to work outside, thus she plays Amrita’s Kidnapping game to scare her and Jagga, but Meher fails her plan.

In the last episode viewers got to watch that Meher asked Kulwant her share of property to help Amrita open a coaching center in home. Kulwant got emotional and distraught hearing Meher and reminded her how being a widow and single mother she educated her kids and brought them up. She reminded them all that she struggled a lot but didn’t let them down. Meher replied her that she knows that but they should support and encourage Amrita if she wants to work hard to help her family.

Kulwant saw Jagga returning home, started blaming Amrita for brainwashing Meher to ask her share and divide house. Jagga got angry on Meher, but Meher explains him she does not want to divide but just want to help Amrita open a coaching center to earn and help her family and society. She also explained Jagga the benefits of opening a coaching center.

As per sources in coming episodes, viewers will get to watch Lohri Celebrations. Some drama sure is gonna happen in the celebrations. Meher will ignore Param and tell him that he can do whatever he wants to, she will not interfere. This punishment of Meher will leave both mother and son in tears. Sources also inform that old enemy of gills, ‘Robbie’ will return back in their life and create more troubles for Meher and Sarab. The news of five year leap to come in Choti Sarrdaarni is also doing the round on Internet.

Will this mistake of Param bring differences between Meher and Param? Will Harleen and Robbie Separate Meher from Param and Sarab?

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