Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher saves Karan and Sarabjit, Check New Entry’s details here

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher saves Karan and Sarabjit, Check New Entry details here
Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher saves Karan and Sarabjit, Check New Entry details here

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni is witnessing separation track of Sarabjit and Meher after 5 years of leap. Meher even got proven innocent but Dhillons refuse to accept court’s decision. The upcoming episodes to see a new entry that could twist Meher-Sarabjit’s life and relationship.

In the current track viewers are watching that Sarabjit and Karan takes a leave from Meher and Seher’s house. Kulwant calls Yuvi in happiness to buy two garlands from the market and put them on Sarabjit and Karan’s photo when she orders him to.

Sarabjit’s car passes by Mr. Kaul, who gets hope of proposing Meher seeing Sarabjit and Karan returning. He calls his mother to tell that Sarabjit and Karan are returning Punjab, which means Meher didn’t revealed herself to them and may not also in future. Mr. Kaul’s mother ask him to confess his feelings to Sirat soon.

Meher and Seher gets tensed with deteriorating weather. They get scared with landslide news. Meher in fear run to stop Sarabjit and Karan. Her veil gets opened due to heavy air in front of Sarabjit’s car, but she hides her face again in time. Sarabjit stops the car, Meher gives them the information of landslide ahead.

Sarabjit for a minute think how his car’s tyre got uprooted (came out) suddenly. Meher ask Sarabjit to stay for a night and return next morning. He agrees and return guesthouse with Karan and Meher. Harleen’s informer (unknown Kashmiri Person) sends her pictures of Kaul giving Meher a bouquet of roses.

Sarabjit and Karan’s return breaks Mr. Kaul’s heart and anger Kulwant. Seher and Karan gets happy to meet again. Meher while preparing food imagines Sarabjit recognizing her and also convincing her to return, saying that fate wants them together and also making situations to bring them close. Imagination ends and Meher convinces herself to control herself for Sarabjit and her kids better life.

According to precap, in the further episode, Kulwant will be seen preparing to place the guest house on fire and kill Sarabjit and Karan to avenge Jagga’s death.

In our earlier reports we already informed you about a Valentine’s Sequence that will be seen ahead in Kashmir track. We also informed you about two new entries in the show, which will be of ‘Shivanggi Verma’ and her mother’s character. They will enter Gill Mansion on Harleen’s call. Harleen after misunderstanding Meher and Mr. Kaul’s relation will bring this new women named Samaira Oberoi.

According to sources, Samaira’s Character will be of a very pretty rich girl, who will be the daughter of a top industrialist.  She is a girl who lives her life to the fullest, help her dad in his business and attends Page 3 parties as well. She will also be seen associated with lots of NGO’s for the welfare of Punjab.

Samira will be shown as a completely successful women. It will be revealed in the episodes ahead that she was staying in USA for the past 5 years. She didn’t even married someone because of her big crush on Sarabjit. She had returned because she still loves Sarabjit.

Another information on which we got our hands on is a new video from Kevina Tak’s Instagram handle. In this video Kevina can be seen in a new salwar-suit which is not a Kashmiri outfit. This means that Kashmir track may end soon and Meher and Seher may be seen in Punjab. See Video:

Will Meher’s identity get revealed to Sarabjit and Karan, while saving them from Kulwant’s deadly attack?  Will Mr. Kaul help Meher in saving Sarabjit? Will Seher too become the victim of Kulwant’s revenge? Will Harleen and Samaira get successful in making Sarabjit hate and forget Meher?

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