Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Ranna and Bittu to harm Karan, Meher comes as a saviour

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Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Ranna and Bittu to harm Karan, Meher comes as a saviour

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni is all set to witness twist and turns and a leap ahead. Meher got accused of her own brother Jagga’s death. Dhillons and Gills became enemies.

In the current track, viewers watched that Sarabjit got know about Meher’s release. He is determined to search her. Dhillons also got know about it and Karan going to Kashmir. Kulwant ordered Bittu and Ranna to kill Karan, saying that then only Meher, will approach them and they will be able to catch Meher. Yuvi was also seen getting trained hard to avenge his father’s death.

In Kashmir, on hearing guest house staff’s talks about her love for her husband, Meher reminisced her romantic moments with Sarabjit. Kulwant with some ladies went to Gill House and cried at their entrance, Robbie informed Sarabjit and Harleen that every Monday they come and cry. Harleen got angry and tried to call Police but Sarabjit stopped her saying that Kulwant lost her son, so they should let her do whatever she wants to do.

Karan reached Kashmir and met Meher for the first time after separation, both mother son felt some connection but failed to recognize each other. Karan even didn’t tell Meher his real name, considering her as a stranger. Karan planned to meet fairy and ask her help to reach his mother. Bittu and Rana also followed Karan to Kashmir.

As we informed in our earlier reports that Meher will feel some connection with Karan but she will fail to recognize him initially. Kids will be seen enjoying the camp and food. But Karan will get sick eating spicy food, Meher will help him to get rid of spice by giving him Jalebis to eat.

Afterwards Karan and Meher will be seen fighting with each other as Seher will pick up Sarabjit’s video call on Karan’s tab. Sarabjit will get delighted to see her cuteness. Here it will be shown that Sarabjit will see Meher behind Karan in the video call, but he will think it as his imagination. We also shared Choti Sarrdaarni’s latest promo showing that Karan will get buried in ice and Meher will come as his saviour. If sources are to believed, this will not be an accident, this will be Bittu and Rana’s work/ploy to harm/kill Karan.

We also informed that Sarabjit will get know about Karan missing and he will reach Kashmir to find Karan fine. Meher will get emotional knowing that Karan is her son. She will try to hide from Sarabjit for thinking about his anger, questions and family’s welfare. Sources also inform that Seher will also go missing, which will leave Meher in worry.

Choti Sarrdaarni’s Kashmir Shoot has been wrapped up and whole cast and crew have returned to Mumbai, which means that after some episodes, Punjab scenes will be seen. This also indicates that may be Meher and Sarab reunite and return back being together.

How will Sarabjit and Meher reunite? Will Sarab and Meher be able save their family from Dhillons murderous plans?

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