Choti Sarrdaarni Written Update 2nd December 2019: Meher escapes from the goons

Today’s episode starts with Meher bravely fighting the goons and escaping them by shooting one of the masked man in knee.She runs outside.Param dreams of meeting Sarab in jail and police taking him away.He shouts papa and wakes up.Alin comes and consoles him saying his father will be back soon.Param ask if his father killed Meher Mumma.Alin asks Param to think to himself if his father can ever do that.Servant gives phone to Param saying Yuvi is on the line.Param says to Alin maybe Yuvi has news.Yuvi says he will kill him like his father killed his Meher Bua.Param cries.Amrita comes there and scolds Yuvi after hearing him.Alin takes the phone and Amrita apologise to her.Param prays to God crying to return his father.Alin hugs him and prays as well.

Police beat Sarabjit badly in jail and still he does not open his mouth.Inspector asks his official why he is giving third degree treatment to such a highly political individual.Higher official tells him not to worry as he got orders from someone at the top to give him this treatment until truth is out.Inspector wonders who it might be.One of the goon calls up a lady shown in silhouette.She scold him for letting Meher escape.She warns him to find Meher and that she should never leave Serbia.She owes to ruin Sarabjit and his Meher.Meher keeps running.

Alin speaks to the press saying Sarab is innocent and he is accused of a crime he dint commit.She ask the people to think about Sarab who is devoted and loyal to his people and their development can do such a thing.Press ruthlessly asks her questions and one of them ask if Sarab is going to resign his post.Alin sternly says he willow resign as he is only accused not proved guilty.Kulwant comes with her sons in jeep and yell at Alin that Sarab killed his wife and shows the mail he sent to press.Tharkha and Alin tries to stop Kulwant but she continues to accuse Sarab.She pours kerosene on Sarab’s photo banner and burns it.Alin and others are shocked.Kulwant threatens to burn herself if Sarab is not removed from his post.Alin tries to reason with her but to no avail.Finally Alin resign Sarab’s post as president on his behalf.She tells Kulwant that her entire family is trying to find Meher and she is misbehaving here in front press.Kulwant ask if they found her sarcastically. Alin says no but they found a real estate agent number from Sarab’s phone records and in investigation they found out Sarab bought a house there and Meher’s things were found there.She says to Kulwant she will prove her brother’s innocence in this but she will never forgive her threat or Misbehavior.

Kulwant wonders why Sarab got a house and how Meher things ended up there.Meher keeps running and thinks to call up India.She forgot the numbers then she remember teaching Param to remember their landline number through a poem.She recollect the number and thinks she don’t have money.She tells herself she has to do something that will make the government here to deport her to India.She asks to people to lend her phone.No one help her.Param distributes food to poor at home.One of the woman bless him.He ask her to pray he should get his parents back soon.Meher finally hears a punjabi speaking woman talking on phone.She tells her that her things are stolen and request to make a phone call.The woman refuse saying she is to be deported.Meher sees the goons coming towards her.Episode ends.

Precap –Meher calls landline from a telephone booth and Robby picks up.Meher says she is alive.Robby disconnect the phone.Goons throw a big stone breaking the booth glass.