Choti Sarrdarrni 10th August 2020 Written Update: Kulwant sees Meher with Manav and grow suspicious

Choti Sarrdarrni 10th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kulwant seeing Vikram and gets scared. Vikram walks on the corridor and Kulwant watches him hiding. Vikram notices something and smirks while Kulwant gets terrified. On the other hand Sarabjit is preparing Pizza for Param and in the meantime starts uploading the files too. Param does the homework and asks doubts on it. In the meantime Karan starts crying and Sarabjit goes mad unable to handle everything all together. Param gets angry at Karan for disturbing Sarabjit who’s preparing pizza for him. He furiously marches towards Karan but slips and falls down due to his milk bottle. On the other hand Sarabjit’s laptop which was uploading the files too shuts down due to no charge. Sarabjit runs to Param who shouts at him that what Meher mumma said is true. He says that he can’t handle all these and only Mom’s are great. Sarabjit wonders how Meher is handling all these and accepts that he can’t be as great as mom.

At hospital Meher is fetching water from a purifier and Vikram comes towards her. Only her back is visible to him and he starts water from the opposite filter where Meher was present. They both stand with their back facing each other that none sees the other person. Meher after fetching water starts walking towards Kulwant’s ward while Vikram follows her from back. Kulwant peeps out to find Meher and Vikram coming together and misunderstands that they both are planning together to get revenge on her. Meher enters the ward and Kulwant hugs her afraid while Vikram too enters a room and hugs someone. The person is revealed to be none other than Aditi. Vikram romances with Aditi who says that she missed him for the past 6 months. They both gets romantic. Kulwant pushes Meher and says that she wants to punish her. Meher asks why she wants to punish and what is she talking about. She offers water to her but Kulwant throws it on her face. She says she saw them together. Nurse comes there and asks what’s happening there.

She scolds Kulwant for removing the saline. Meher asks Kulwant if she was asking about nurse. Kulwant decides to hide the truth so that she catch Meher red handed and agrees yes. Meher asks her to not to worry but Kulwant feels suspicious being with Meher. Meher asks nurse to get some water bottles for them.
Aditi prefers to order dhaba food but Vikram is completely against it and says that he hates greasy dhaba food. He asks her to order continental and she does. She says sometimes she feel she doesn’t know him well. She says she saw on news about his interview at 11 tomorrow.

He asks if she’s watching TV here or performing surgery. She says that she saw it in Sarabjit’s home during naming ceremony. Meher gives sealed water to Kulwant but Kulwant checks it thoroughly before drinking it. Meher gets hurt with her behaviour. She gets pinky from naati pink’s call who complaints her that nothing is going well. She promises to meet her at night.

Vikram asks how do she know Sarabjit and Aditi tries diverting the topic but Vikram doesn’t budge. She says about performing his wife’s labour and says about his mother in law admitted there. He wants to meet Kulwant to check whether the wound is true