Choti Sarrdarrni 10th November 2020 Written Update: Param pleads Sarab to invite Gulwant

Choti Sarrdarrni 10th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Meher prays to God for her family’s happiness. Param says he is so happy because Sarab getting discharged from hospital today and he can celebrate Diwali with him. He says they should reach the house soon because he has to prepare so many things to welcome Sarab. Meher gets an call from Sarab. He informs her that he is not discharging from the hospital today.

Meher asks why he is saying like that. He says today only result came for his last 2 tests and doctors suggested him saying that he needs to stay here more in the hospital. Meher says she is coming to the hospital and reaches there with Param and Karan. Sarab says he is strong and will celebrate this Diwali with them only. Meher says he needs rest so he should stay in the hospital only then only he will become fine soon. Param says he will talk to Doctor. Meher says both father and son are same and not listening her. Sarab says he is strong enough to do push ups right now.

Vikram tells Aditi to get ready fast. Vikram’s mother says she is not going with them. Aditi says they won’t go without her. Vikram’s mother sees her husband’s picture and gets emotional. Vikram says it’s their first Diwali without him and tells her to come with them. He thinks she will be super happy seeing Karan in this house. Gulwant’s sons helps Gulwant in the decorations to celebrate Diwali. She says they will be invited to celebrate Diwali with Meher. Her sons does not believe her.

Param gets sad because he can’t celebrate Diwali with Sarab and asks him to give gift to him. Sarab says he will fulfill his wish. Param says he likes Gulwant’s hand made laddu so he wants that and tells Sarab to invite her. Meher tells Param to go out and play. She tells Sarab to not invite Gulwant. He nods at her. Someone hires a person to kill Sarab’s family.

Sarab gives interview and tells Grandparents should celebrate this Diwali with their Grandkids feeding them sweets. Gulwant sees that interview and says he is indirectly inviting her and gets happy thinking her plan worked. Harleen says she and her husband going out for Diwali’s party. Param tells her to come back soon because tonight they are going to celebrate Diwali in grand manner and Gulwant will come to celebrate Diwali with him and also they will talk to Sarab in video call.

Meher tells Jansi ki Rani story to Param. Param says she is super woman then and says Meher is also his super woman. Karan was keep crying and Meher tries to make him calm. She hears some sound. She searches the servants and asks from where this sound coming. Param notices someone’s shadow and informs that to Meher. Meher checks there but no one is there. She comes out of the room and shocks seeing one of the servant’s dead body.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher fights with the Goons to save her kids.

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