Choti Sarrdarrni 11th August 2020 Written Update: Param, Meera and Sarabjit’s family time

Choti Sarrdarrni 11th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kulwant sleeping and Meher keeping a watch on her. She gets Param’s call who says about Sarabjit messing everything and burning pizzas 6 times. Sarab pleads him to not say anything and Meher hears it. Meher asks Param to give a last chance to Sarab and he agrees. He asks when will she come and Meher says that Grandma is not well and she’ll come there as soon as amrita bhabhi comes to take care of her. Aditi brings Vikram to Kulwant’s ward and shows Meher and Kulwant from outside. He enters inside but finds Amrita there. Meher leaves behind them and none notices each other. Kulwant is sleeping facing side ways that Vikram couldn’t see her face too. He introduces himself as Sara’s friend. Amrita is about to wake Kulwant but he stops her. He leaves and Kulwant wakes up and sees his back alone.

Sarab succeeds in making a non burnt pizza and leaves the hot pizza with stand on table. He leaves to pacify crying Karan. Param comes there finds pizza ready and immediately rushes to it. He’s about to touch the burning pizza but Meher keeps her hand in middle. Her hands gets burnt instead. Sarab rushes to her and Meher scolds him for being careless. Param says about Sarab messing everything and says he’s hungry. Meher asks him not to worry as she’ll cook using Sara’s hand. On the other side Vikram and Aditi are having pasta and Aditi asks does he believe Sarab is the culprit. Vikram denies opening up his thoughts to her. She calls him weird who lives in government quarters despite having crores of money. He says that it’s his job to eradicate the wrong people and he loves solving mystery.

Sarab cooks with Meher’s guidance and Param helps them. They both finish making pizza and sits down to eat. Meher draws a smiley on the pizza with Karan’s finger and they all happily eat the pizza. Amrita is taking care of Kulwant and says that they all miss her a lot. Kulwant smiles hearing it. Meher finds Sarab asking for his seventh coffee and forbids him from drinking anymore coffee.

Sarab pleads her to give coffee as he needs it for keeping him active while working. Meher strictly says no. She then comes back to find Sarab sleeping with Param. She says that only her Sarab can sleep even after drinking 6 coffees. She smiles at her own mention of my Sarab. She too joins them in sleep. Kulwant finds Aditi and Vikram hugging in corridor and is sure that he’s back to kill her. Aditi asks Vikram to not leave Sarabjit and Vikram finds it weird. He wonders if there’s any past hatred but she nods no. They both hug and soon both their faces changes cunning. Kulwant sees the knife and decides to kill him once again like last time.