Choti Sarrdarrni 11th November 2020 Written Update: Meher fights with Goons to save her kids

Choti Sarrdarrni 11th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Meher realises few Goons entered the house and she starts to search Param. Param comes to her and says he was playing. She ties Karan in her back and takes Param with her. She takes sword and starts to attack the Goons. Politician recalls how Sarab put him in jail for the crime he did.

He says Sarab spoiled his political career by putting him jail and today he will take his revenge by killing his family. And nothing can be better day than this and starts to laugh maniacally. Meher recalls how she learned sword fight from her father. Goons comes in front of her and she starts to attack them.

Aditi tells Vikram’s mother to finish her pooja.Vikram says they are going to Meher’s house and will return soon. His mother says she finished the pooja and says he will be blessed with son. Aditi gets shy. His mother gives gift to Aditi. Aditi says it’s not needed. His mother says she should accept it assuming it as her blessings and also they are not celebrating Diwali this year. She then gives Vikram’s father neck piece to Vikram. Vikram thinks today Karan will celebrate Diwali with him.

Amrita asks why Gulwant using so much sugar in laddu. Gulwant says she is going there to mend her relationship that’s why she is adding so much. Jeeto’s father comes there. Gulwant fails to recognize him. So Jeeto introduces him to her. Gulwant insults his job and taunts Jeeto too. Jeeto’s father gives Diwali gift to her.

Aditi gets call from her hospital saying she has to attend one emergency case. She tells Vikram to stop the car. Vikram says anyone else will handle it and they are getting late to reach Meher’s house. She tells him to stop the car again saying patients are important for her like how this country is important for him. She says she will reach the hospital alone. He says he will drop her, she need not to go alone. Meher recalls how Sarab motivated her to fight when she ends up in danger and told her to assume that he is with her always.

Harleen and Robbie visits Gulwant’s house. Harleen gives Diwali gift to Gulwant. Gulwant ignores Jeeto’s father totally and welcomes Harleen with whole heart and talks with them very sweetly. She gets happy seeing expensive gifts from Harleen. She says Jeeto’s father too gave gift to her but nothing can match this one. Robbie asks what gift she got from Amrita’s house. Amrita gets sad hearing him and moves from there.

Harleen says they has to visit other house too and leaves from there with Robbie. Sarab gets an call from Politician. He asks who is calling him. Politician says he is death for his family. Sarab asks what is he saying. Politician says first he will kill his family then he will kill him. He says Sarab anytime can get death news of his family and tells him to wait for the call. One of the Goons tries to shoot Meher from behind but Meher throws the sword to him when Param alerted her. And one Goon tries to attack Param but she saves him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab runs towards his house

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