Choti Sarrdarrni 11th September 2020 Written Update: Mehar gives the chunari Manav had given her to Aditi

Choti Sarrdarrni 11th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditi sharing with Vikram her crave to get revenge from Sarabjit and Harleen. Vikram tries to make her understand that the mistake was only Sarabjit’s grandfather’s and Sarabjit even got teary-eyed talking about Guddi.

Aditi says that he won’t understand so he asks her to explain him since he won’t say yes to anything she says if she won’t make him understand today. Aditi asks what he will do if his dreams and everything will get snatched from him in a moment. She says that he might not take revenge, but she will get it at any cost.

 Vikram asks what Harleen and Sarabjit’s mistake in all this. Aditi says that he, the one who wants to see Sarabjit behind bars at any cost, is talking about mistake. Vikram vows that if Sarabjit is wrong none can stop him from putting him in jail, but if he is innocent no power of world can do anything wrong with him.

He says that this case is different from Sarabjit’s feelings for Guddi: his love for his sister is genuine. He asks her to think about this house and the marriage and go to tell everyone that she is Guddi only.

Aditi recalls how the whole family treated her like her own. Aditi looks at Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s picture and is thankful that her family is not like she thought and Harleen and Sarabjit haven’t forgotten her but she cannot tell them yet that she is Guddi since she is scared to lose them. She decides to tell the truth on her Bidaai day. Vikram hugs her.

On the other hand, the pandit has come to decide auspicious moment. Aditi and Vikram come. Sarabjit rushes to Aditi and asks if something happened since she suddenly left. He apologizes if he made any mistake.

 Vikram tells him that his sister got emotional and felt like a burden upon him. Sarabjit puts his hands on Aditi’s shoulders and says that sisters are never a burden for brothers and he is lucky that his doli will leave from his house.

Sarabjit asks Vikram to tell if he has any ifs or buts. Vikram holds Aditi’s hand and says that he has no ifs or buts. Suraj says that the wedding should happen as soon as possible. Seema asks to wait a minute and asks pandit ji to check the kundalis of the two.

On the other hand, Kulwant wonders how Manav is still alive. Bittu tries to assure her that Vikram will go behind Banaras’ story she told him. Rana says that after few days, when he will find nothing, he will come behind them only.

Bittu asks what they should do now. Kulwant says that they should do what she says. She blames Manav for ruining her innocent daughter’s life by making her a mother after fake marriage. She is sure that God will punish him otherwise she will do.

Meanwhile, Pandit tells the family that there are two marriages written in Vikram’s kundali. Aditi’s mother gets worried but Mehar asks what’s more important than two people being in love. Pandit asks whether she is their sister-in-law. Mehar says yes. Pandit says that if she puts her suhaag chunari on Aditi’s head, Vikram and Aditi’s relation will not break.

Mehar is hesitant to give her chunari but Sarabjit says that it’s ok if that’s necessary to keep their belief and trust. Mehar sadly goes to take her chunari recalling her mother making her wear it for her marriage with Sarabjit and also Manav making her wear it. She had stitched the two chunari together.

Mehar is about to make Aditi wear the chunari but Sarabjit stops her noticing that they are two chunaris. Before Mehar can explain, Harleen says that it must be one of Momsi’s fashion experiment.

Mehar is hesitant to give her chunari because she says that it’s a belief that a suhaag ki chunari should be kept preciously and she is lucky to have two of them so she will separate the two chunaris and keep her suhaag ki chunari, giving the other one to Aditi. Everyone agrees.

Mehar goes to the room and starts separating the chunaris. Sarabjit comes to help her but finds it difficult. He asks how she does that. Mehar says that everything seems difficult when they are alone but it gets easy when two people are together. He shows Sarabjit how’s it done and asks if he has seen. Sarabjit stares at her and says that he wants to keep looking. Mehar looks down blushing.

Sarabjit holds Mehar’s finger unconsciously while staring at her. She makes him notice that. He leaves it apologizing. Mehar pulls his cheek and says that sometimes he is cuter than Param. Sarabjit says that he should remember the date as it’s the first time “Bandri ji” called him cute. Mehar smiles.

The two chunaris get separated. Sarabjit makes Mehar wear her chunari and looks at her. She smiles. He sits next to her. Mehar says that maybe he is forgetting that Aditi should wear the chunari. Sarabjit says that he is feeling very happy by making her wear the chunari, more than the first time as she had not the smile she has today on her face. He pecks her head. She smiles.

The two go downstairs. Harleen tells Mehar that she is looking beautiful in her suhaag ki chunari. Mehar smiles and then goes to Aditi giving her the other chunari but she is stopped by Vikram before she makes her wear the chunari. Vikram holds the chunari and observes it. Suraj asks what happened.

Vikram says that it seems like he has already seen this chunari and can even recognize the material and the pattern. Seema says that it’s very common and he is a CBI officer so he is used to observe everything carefully. She gives the chunari back to Mehar who makes Aditi wear it. Everyone claps. Seema hugs Vikram and then Aditi takes blessings from her father and hugs the others.

Sarabjit congratulates Vikram and wishes him all the best. Vikram says that he should say all the best to him since he has promised to prove himself innocent. Sarabjit reminds him that he does what he says.

Pandit Ji says that tomorrow morning there will be engagement ceremony, followed by the other functions and then the wedding. Everyone is happy. Mehar is still stunned and recalls Vikram saying that he can recognize the chunari.

Episode ends

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