Choti Sarrdarrni 12th November 2020 Written Update: Goons ties Meher with a bomb

Choti Sarrdarrni 12th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sarab gets to know that his family is in danger and starts to run from the hospital to reach his house. Meher fights with the Goons. Sarab calls Harleen and asks where is she. She tells him that she came out for party with Robbie and says she is not able to hear him properly. He tries to take lift from someone. One of the Goon tries to shoot Meher from behind.

Vikram sends voice message to Aditi saying it seems like she is going to be late, so he is leaving for Meher’s house. Before the bullet touches Karan, Sarab reaches there and pushes Meher aside and asks is she okay. She nods at him. Param gets excited seeing Sarab there. Sarab starts to attack the Goons. Karan was about to fall from Meher but Sarab catches him.

Harleen sees Patak in the party. She asks Robbie what is he doing here. Robbie says seems like he released from prison. Patak apologize to Harleen for his mistake. He pleads her to forgive him saying after all they were friends once upon a time. He gives gift to Harleen. He tells his assistant that he was attending the party so he doesn’t know who killed Sarab’s family and smirks.

Gulwant packs laddus for Meher and her family. Vikram reaches the house and shocks seeing everything. He sees how Sarab tolerating beating from Goons to save Karan. He shoots all the Goons and runs towards Karan. He kisses him. Goons kidnaps Meher and Param and takes them inside the house. Sarab and Vikram searches Meher and Param. They hears Param’s shouting and follows his voice.

 Goon tells Vikram to drop his gun. Sarab shocks seeing Meher tied up with bomb. He pleads Vikram to drop his gun. Gulwant and her family reaches Meher’s house and shocks seeing Meher’s condition. She warns the Goons to leave her daughter. Goon tells them to move back otherwise he will Meher. He asks Sarab to give Karan to him otherwise he will kill Param. Goon takes Karan from Sarab and they ties everyone.

Goon says everyone has just 10 minutes after that this bomb will blast and no one can save them. He tells Meher to not move because if she moved then the bomb will blast before 10 minutes. Goons leaves from there after locking the door. Meher cries. Sarab feels helpless. Vikram tries to move to Karan.

Sarab unties his one of the rope and falls on the floor and moves towards Meher. He signals her something. Meher thinks she is not understanding what he is trying to say. Then she takes pin from his head and gives it to him. He unties his rope and unties others too. He removes the plaster from Meher’s mouth. She tells him to save Karan and Param first. He tries to defuse the bomb. But she stops him and tells him to not come close to her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab locks the door from inside after pushing everyone out. He stands with Meher and says he can’t live without her.

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