Choti Sarrdarrni 12th September 2020 Written Update: Vikram finds Manav’s picture

Choti Sarrdarrni 12th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mehar convincing herself that Vikram is not Manav. Vikram and his family leave. Mehar tells Aditi that she shouldn’t leave until Bidaai. Aditi says that she is going to take some stuff.

The next morning Bittu and Rana are running behind Kulwant and are complaining because she is running fast like Vikram Diwan is behind her. Kulwant slaps Rana saying that even trees have ears. Police come and an officer greets Kulwant who asks him what they are doing there.

The officer replies that Vikram Diwan has put the whole area from Amritsar to Banaras on red alert to find Manav. Kulwant asks who Manav. Rana is about to whisper in her ear but she stomps on his foot shutting him up. The police show Manav’s picture to Kulwan, Bittu, and Rana who pretend like they have no idea about him. Kulwant asks him to give a picture to her so she can put it around. The police does that and leave. Kulwant wonders from where the picture came as she had destroyed every sign of Manav.

On the other hand, Mehar opens the curtains and asks Sarab to wake up while wiping her hair with a towel. She scolds him since it’s Aditi’s ring ceremony and there are many arrangements to be done but he is sleeping as a careless brother. Sarab stares at her while she is wiping her hair without replying. When Mehar turns around, Sarab is not on the bed. She sees him hiding behind the curtain and intentionally starts pulling his leg saying that he is Kumbhkaran’s brother and stays two hours in the bathroom doing calculations. Sarab suddenly hugs her from behind saying that he heard everything. He twirls and she ends up under the curtain too. Sarab stares at her and touches her wet hair strand. “Phirse khudaa” plays. A drop of water remains on Sarab’s finger. Mehar looks at it and blows on it. Both start laughing and hit each other’s heads. They smile and look at each other.

Meanwhile, Param asks Harleen why Aditi’s marriage is happening in his house. Harleen explains to him that Sarab has considered Aditi as sister and a sister’s doli departs from a brother’s house. Param runs away still confused about the doli.

Meanwhile, Sarab wipes Mehar’s hair with the towel and whispers in her ear that he doesn’t do calculations in the bathroom every day. Mehar says that he does. Sarab asks if she stalks him every day. Mehar says yes. Sarab suggests her to come inside from the next day. Mehar hits him with an elbow and is about to leave but Sarab holds her hand and pulls her closer surrounding her waist with his hand. “Phirse khudaa” plays. He comes closer to Mehar.

Just then, Param comes calling out for Mehar. Sarab immediately pushes Mehar behind curtains to hide her. Param asks Sarab where Mehar is. Sarab lies that she must be in the kitchen and asks him to ask her to make coffee for him. Mehar is about to speak up but Sarab covers her mouth with a hand. Param asks who is behind the curtain. Sarab says that a wild cat is there. Mehar bites his hand and he takes it back hissing. Param asks what happened. Sarab says that the cat bit him. Param rushes out to tell Mehar about the cat.

Mehar comes out and confronts Sarab for calling her cat. Sarab corrects her saying she is a wild cat. Mehar asks why he didn’t tell Param that she was behind a curtain. Sarab replies that he wanted to escape his thousands of questions. Sarab asks why she bit him. Mehar steps towards Sarab while he backs off and says that a wild cat would bite and even hit, she said hitting his shoulder. He calls her a beautiful cat.

Mehar asks why he keeps giving her names like a monkey or cat. Sarab is about to say that a person who loves someone gives such names but stops. Mehar looks on. She changes the topic by asking about the invitation. Sarab leaves immediately to invite Kulwant first. Mehar smiles.
Kulwant receives Sarab’s call and says that she will surely come. She puts down the phone and seems thoughtful. Amrita asks whose wedding it is. Kulwant says that it’s Vikram Diwan’s. Bittu asks what she will gift him for engagement. Kulwant laughs saying that she is going to give him a huge gift.

On the other hand, Mehar overhears Param telling Harleen about the big cat behind curtains which even bit Sarab. Harleen laughs as she knows who the cat was. Param sees Mehar and says that he was looking for her and says that even he wants to get his sister married. He asks Mehar for a sister.

Harleen teases Mehar continuously mewing. Param asks Mehar when she will give him a sister. Mehar says that it will God’s wish. Harleen says that it’s in her and Sarab’s hands to complete their family with Param’s sister as well. Sarab overhears everything and smiles but understands that Mehar seems awkward. He comes forward and says that his family is complete with Param and Karan.

Later, Kulwant and her family come to Sarab’s house and dance for the engagement. Sarab is on call and after he cuts it, Param comes and asks him about the huge suitcase that Aditi brought there. Sarab explains to him that Aditi’s stuff will be there since now this is her house where she will come for the holidays. He asks Param if Mehar is ready and how she is looking. Param replies that she is looking like a fairy and then leaves as Yuvi calls him. Sarab decides to go to see his fairy.

In the meantime, Vikram is in his office, trying to find out about Manav. An officer comes and gives him Manav’s picture. Vikram is shocked to see the resemblance Manav has with him.

In a room, Mehar is getting Aditi ready and makes her wear a necklace. Aditi says that it seems expensive. Mehar scolds her for saying something like that and starts praising Sarab for how he gives importance to his family. Sarab comes and overhears everything. Mehar tells Aditi that he is not just her husband but also her friend and he is unique. Aditi asks if she loves Sarab so much. Sarab smiles.

Mehar notices Sarab who says that he liked how she complimented him. Mehar says that Aditi is looking gorgeous. Sarab praises Aditi. Yuvi comes and opens Aditi’s suitcase even though Param tries to stop him. Mehar scolds them and says that they shouldn’t touch others’ stuff.

On the other hand, Vikram shows Manav’s picture to his mother who thinks it’s his picture. Vikram tells her that it’s Manav and asks her if he had a twin brother or anything, she wants to tell him. Seema asks if he is done joking and laughs. Suraj comes there too. Vikram says that it is not a joke. Seema says that only he is her only son whom she gave birth to.

Vikram says that everyone believes he is Manav and an attack happened on him too. Suraj tries to convince her that it’s nothing serious and asks him to concentrate on his case. Vikram says that Manav’s case is connected to it. Suraj asks him to drop the case. Vikram says that he is his inspiration who has always taught to do justice. He asks him if there is any special reason behind asking him to drop the case.
Episode ends.

Precap: Aditi has an asthma attack during the engagement. Param rushes to get her inhaler which he had seen in her suitcase. He drops a picture while running with the bag with the inhaler. Mehar finds it and it’s Guddi’s childhood picture with her parents. Mehar says that Guddi is there and starts searching her with family showing the picture to the guests.

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