Choti Sarrdarrni 13th November 2020 Written Update: Sarab decides to die with Meher

Choti Sarrdarrni 13th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sarab tries to defuse the bomb but he doesn’t understand what to do. Meher says they doesn’t have much time so others should leave from here before bomb blast happens. Sarab says he won’t go anywhere leaving her alone here like this.Gulwant says she won’t go leaving Meher here. Sarab begs others to leave from there. Vikram tells Jagga to take everyone from there. Meher tells Param that she loves him and tells him to not torture Sarab and listen him properly and take care of Karan.

Sarab says nothing will happen to her and asks why she is saying all this now. She says he can’t put everyone’s life in danger just for her life. He says he won’t go anywhere. She pleads everyone to leave from there. Param says he won’t go anywhere leaving her here. She says Sarab has to live for their kids and their journey ending now.

Gulwant was about to faint. Karan cries. Amrita takes Param and Karan with her and goes towards Meher. Meher cries seeing her kids says she can’t see anyone dying in front of her eyes. Sarab takes everyone outside and locks the door from inside after pushing everyone out of the house. They tells him to open the door and tries to open it too.

Meher shocks seeing Sarab there. He says he can’t live for a second too without her so he choosed to die with her. He holds her hand and stands in front of her ( Tereliye song plays in the background).Harleen and Robbie comes there and shocks seeing everyone. She tries to open the door with the key she has with her.

Bomb blasts and everyone shocks hearing the sound. Aditi comes there and asks what happened. She notices Meher and Sarab are missing and asks about them. Gulwant and Param cries badly. They enters the house and tries to find Meher and Sarab. Param finds his parents and tells them to open their eyes. Everyone reaches there and tries to wake them. They pours water on them.

Meher and Sarab regains their consciousness. They recalls how dumbbells came near them and they put those dumbbells to manage the weight and they stepped down before the bomb blast happens.

Harleen thanks God. Gulwant gets relived seeing Meher and Sarab fine. Param asks about their health condition. Amrita gives Karan to Meher. Meher, Sarab, Karan and Param shares a group hug. Vikram notices them and thinks something.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vikram says its Diwali and tells Meher to give his son to him. Sarab asks what he will do if they denies to give Karan to him. Vikram warns Sarab that he will divorce Aditi if he doesn’t give Karan to him then.

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