Choti Sarrdarrni 14th August 2020 Written Update: Sarabjit meets Vikram with Karan

Choti Sarrdarrni 14th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditi rushes to Vikram and hugs him tightly. She gets worried knowing about his attack by Kulwant and asks if he’s fine. Vikram jokes and says that he’s absolutely fine. He says that she seems to have better informers than CBI. Aditi says that whole hospital staff know about his attack and are gossiping about it. She asks him not to leave Kulwant easily. Vikram says that he has already left. Aditi gets shocked and asks why. Vikram recalls hearing Meher’s pleading via phone and says about it to Aditi. Aditi finds it weird.

Meher makes Param drink juice and urges him to attend his online class. Harleen comes there and gives offering to her and Param. She wishes that everything goes well for the day. Harleen asks about Sarab and Meher says that he’s getting ready. She leaves to check on him.
Vikram says Aditi that if he doesn’t do something then there’s definitely some reason behind it. He says that Kulwant will anyhow easily escape due to medical condition and if he arrests her public will turn against. He says that in order to defeat a politician they can’t let public sympathise with them. Aditi says its his interrogation with Sarab today and asks him to not leave him easily. Vikram says that he finds some personal grudges against his family in her voice and Aditi panics. Meher says Sarab about Kulwant trying to attack Vikram but Sarab couldn’t pay attention as he’s busy in call. Meher helps him get ready admiring him while Sarab is drowned in his conversation with the person in phone. Meher says Sarab about her compiling all his files last night. She says that she wants to share something important with him but Sarab asks her to say later as it’s already late. He suggests her to bring Karan with her as he needs to have his vaccination. He says they could do it on their way back home. Meher says that she will be back after bidding bye to Param but Sarab asks her to not to do so. He says that Param will adamant to accompany them and he don’t want to handle any such situation right now. Meher agrees and leaves.

Karan gets wishes from father and decides to arrest Sarab then and there if something goes wrong. He tightens the security. Sarab is also in car with Meher and says about the possibilities of him getting remanded. Meher gets worried. She tries saying about Kulwant but Sarab gets busy on another call. Param gets angry knowing that Sarab and Meher has left without informing him. Harleen once again provokes Param against Karan. Param learns that they took Karan with them and starts crying. Sarab and Meher reaches Vikram’s office. Param calls Meher and bursts out at her for ignoring him. Meher has a hard time handling Karan and explaining Param. Finding her struggling Sarab takes Karan with him to investigation. He gets surprised seeing the same guy from temple. Vikram feels instant connection towards Karan and caresses him.