Choti Sarrdarrni 14th November 2020 Written Update: Sarab and Meher celebrates Diwali for Param

Choti Sarrdarrni 14th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Harleen tells Param to come to her and consoles him saying he should not fear now. Vikram tells Aditi that they needs to check Karan once because he is silent from long time. She calls the Doctor. Harleen asks who would have attacked them because it’s not first attack on their family. Robbie says what if Patak is behind this attack. She says he apologized to them in the party so she is not sure about him.

Vikram asks why Karan is silent still and says what if something happen to him. Sarab tells him to relax and says they won’t let anything happen to Karan and he is fine. He says Meher saved the kid’s life. Meher says he saved her life. Harleen says Sarab should be admitted in the hospital. He says he is not going there again instead Meher will take care of him in the house. Robbie brings Police inspector. Param says now he can’t celebrate Diwali and gets sad. Gulwant says she brought laddus for Param and she will feed him with her hands and tries to cheer him.

Vikram scolds Police inspector for coming late. Sarab tells him to stay calm and says he believes Punjab Police and tells them to continue the investigation. Vikram says someone would have lost their life today and asks how can he stay calm. Gulwant says she saved Karan and Param’s life risking her own life. Sarab says someone attacked him he tolerated it but now attack happened with his family and he wants to find the culprit no matter what. Police inspector says he wants to investigate Meher. She tells him everything which happened. He thanks her for cooperation and leaves from there.

Sarab tries to cheer Param. He says they will celebrate Diwali today and tells everyone to get ready. Meher apologize to Karan saying it’s his first Diwali and he has to face lot of problems on this day. Sarab says Karan is proud of his mother today and praises her strength saying he is also proud of her. She says she was able to fight against those Goons because of her kids and says her strength is Sarab. He gets emotional hearing her and hugs her saying he will be her strength forever. He says he knows that her mood is off now also his mood is off but for their kids they should be happy and celebrate Diwali happily and tells her to get ready fast. She says they will celebrate this Diwali the way Param wants them to celebrate.

Everyone greets each other and shares Diwali wishes. Param thanks Vikram’s mother for bringing sweets for him. Vikram’s mother tells Meher that she was really shocked when Vikram told her what happened here. Gulwant asks Vikram what gift he brought for Karan. He says he is going to get his Diwali gift today and looks at Karan and says he is going to get his son today. Gulwant feeds her handmade laddu to Param. Param praises her laddus. She tells him to praise her loudly so Sarab can hear him. She gives laddu to Sarab. He says Doctor advised him to stay away from sweet and sweet people. Param gets afraid seeing the crackers and recalls the attack. Sarab says they has to do something. And everyone starts to sing and dance to cheer Param.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vikram says its Diwali and tells Meher to give his son to him. Sarab asks what he will do if they denies to give Karan to him. Vikram warns Sarab that he will divorce Aditi if he doesn’t give Karan to him then.

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