Choti Sarrdarrni 14th September 2020 Written Update: Harleen and Sarab finally reunite with Guddi

Choti Sarrdarrni 14th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Seema telling Vikram that the reason behind Suraj asking him to drop the case is that his marriage is happening and today there is his engagement. He drags him away for the preparations. Suraj calls Raghav and asks him to transfer Vikram somewhere else. Raghav says that Vikram is his finest officer. Suraj says that his wedding is happening and asks him to do as he said. Raghav agreed.
On the other hand, Aditi takes a bag out from her suitcase and looks at a photo of hers with her parents. She says that her mother was right and none can change what’s in fate. She talks to her father in the picture and says that his son is one in a million.

Vikram comes at Sarab’s house with his family. Harleen welcomes them. Kulwant glares at Vikram and wishes for him to get lost after marrying Aditi. Vikram sees her and walks towards her. He greets Kulwant who congratulates him.

Vikram gets a call and goes to attend it sitting on a sofa. A police officer tells him that most of restaurants are closed because of Covid but they are trying to get information and as soon as they find any, they will update him. Vikram cuts the call as Kulwant drops Manav’s picture near him. She sits near him and says that this is Manav who looks like him and asks him to catch him soon as he has bothered her a lot. Vikram looks at the picture.

Just then, Aditi comes there with Mehar and Harleen. Vikram stares at her. Kulwant goes to sit at a table with her family. Vikram forwards a hand toward Aditi who holds it. They smile at each other. Vikram moves her hair strand behind her hair. He says that she is looking beautiful. She thanks him and they sit together on sofa.

Harleen says that they have a tradition of gifting stuff touched by the bride to poor people. Aditi touches some clothes which will be distributed among needy people. Harleen says that more are there near the pictures of their grandfather and parents and asks Aditi to take blessings and touch those clothes too. Aditi recalls the grandfather forbidding her and her mother from coming to Amritsar. She is hesitant. The auspicious time for ceremony is about to come so Sarab asks Aditi to go to take blessings. Aditi feels pain recalling how her grandfather bashed her and her mother. Vikram nods at her.

Aditi gets up and walks towards the pictures of Sarab’s parents. She takes blessings and grabs the stuff to give to the needy people. She looks at the grandfather’s picture and is disturbed recalling how he threw her and her mother out insulting them by weighting her and money and then asking them to get the money and leave. She starts having breathing problems.

Everyone rushes to Aditi. Mehar asks about her pump. Vikram says that it is in Aditi’s car. Param recalls seeing the pump in Aditi’s suitcase and runs to go to get it. Someone brings Aditi’s pump from car and Mehar gives it to Aditi. She goes to get water for Aditi as well.
Param takes Aditi’s bag that contains the pump and rushes towards Aditi but Yuvi bumps into him. He drops the bag. Param gets up and grabs the bag back running away but a picture that dropped from bag is left on floor.

Mehar finds the picture and is stunned to see Guddi’s photo with her parents. She recalls Harleen showing her the same photo. She says that it means that Guddi is around them. She asks a servant about the picture but he has no idea about it.

Harleen asks Aditi to take rest as she will give the gifts from grandfather’s side. Mehar comes and asks Sarab and Harleen to come out as she needs to talk with them. She takes them out of the hall and shows them the picture she found. Harleen and Sarab are shocked. Sarab says that this photo was in their locker. Mehar says that it’s another copy of the photo and there is something written behind. Sarab recognizes his father’s handwriting. Mehar says that she found it on the floor and she thinks that Guddi is there around them. Sarab says that the guests are all his cousins.

Pandit tells Seema that auspicious time is coming and only fifteen minutes are left. They see Sarab, Harleen and Mehar asking people about the photo. Seema wonders what they are doing.

Mehar gives mic to Sarab and says that Guddi will be able to complete Papa ji’s uncomplete poetry. Sarab and Harleen talk on the mic and says that someone dear to them is there but she is away even though she is close and the poetry is dedicated to her. They start saying the poetry. Aditi feels emotional. Kulwant wonders what new drama is going on.

Vikram holds Aditi’s hand and asks her to get up and tell everyone that she is Guddi. Aditi cries. Vikram requests her to look at Sarab and Harleen who are yearning to find Guddi. He asks her to fulfil their wish and complete the poetry as well but she shakes her head. He asks why she is doing this as one day she will have to say the truth. He says that this is her house, her father’s house and this is her family. He requests her to tell them that she is Guddi but Aditi looks down. Sarab and Harleen repeat the poetry. Aditi cries. Vikram leaves Aditi’s hand and gets up.

Pandit says that only fifteen minutes are left for an auspicious time to end. Sarab gives up and asks him to start arrangements for the ring ceremony. Suddenly they hear a voice saying the poetry. Lights turn off. Everyone looks around. Aditi starts saying the poetry. Harleen and Sarab get teary-eyed. Mehar turns on the flashlight of her mobile since Guddi’s face is not visible. Everyone does the same and looks at Aditi who complete the poetry and turns around. She walks ahead revealing her face. Sarab and Harleen are shocked. They cry emotionally. They hug each other.

Aditi looks sideways at Vikram who smiles at her. She looks emotionally at Sarab and Harleen and run towards them. They rush to hug him too. Everyone is happy. Sarab hugs Aditi and then Harleen hugs her too crying. Sarab looks at Mehar who hugs Aditi too.
Episode ends

Precap: Vikram makes Aditi wear the engagement ring but when her turn to make him wear the ring comes, he clenches his fist and taunts Sarab for playing a big game: on one hand he made him promise and arranged his marriage while on the other he got him kicked out from Manav’s case. Sarab is clueless. Before Vikram can say anything more, Mehar comes in between the two and asks him to stop.

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