Choti Sarrdarrni 16th July 2020 Written Update: Sarab takes a difficult decision

Choti Sarrdarrni 16th July 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode begins with Sarab and Meher revealing their faces. Sarab asks Sandhu to say everything. Kulwant asks where Rana is and both Rana and Ginny comes married. Police takes away Sandhu. Meger says now they finally got married. Param and Yuvi are sitting inside car and Param asks why he didn’t say bye to Meher mumma. Yuvi says he should say bye as his bua is going home with him. Sarab holds Meher’s hand and tells her that she is the first woman in the world who is going home right after wedding for delivery. Meher goes speechless and lack of a proper comeback.  Sarab gets happy for making Meher speechless for the first time. Meher shouts cockroach and Sarab jumps getting scared. Meher laughs. Sarab asks her not to go. Meher says she has to go home. Meher then says she forgot to congratulate Rana and Ginny and goes. Param and Yuvi are sitting inside car and arguing about Meher going home with Yuvi. Param tells Yuvi that he wont let Meher go and tries to take the keys. Param takes the hand break during their argument and car starts going reverse. Sarab is talking on earphones with his back turned the other side. Meher runs and pushes him away on time but gets hit by car herself and falls down.

Param cries again guiltily thinking about accident. Doctor asks Sarab to decide whom they should save between Meher and baby. All of the family members are shocked. Harleen says there is nothing to think they should save Meher. Amrita feels bad and Rane too says Sarab will save Meher. Param continues to cry and feels guilty for putting Meher in this state. Sarab consoles him and asks him to trust in God and to keep praying as Babaji will definitely show a way. Param and Yuvi goes to pray.

Sarab tells Babaji that he has showed a way through Param to make a choice but how can he take away the life of an innocent baby who was supposed to be his partner. Flashback shows Sarab showing Meher  a baby carrier he bought. Meher reminds him that there is still 3 months more to go. They both start their nok jhok while Param laughs at them. Sarab tells Meher there were so many colors but he liked this strawberry color. Meher suddenly says she wants to eat strawberry ice cream. Sarab is astonished as its cold climate. Meher teases and asks if he has ever been pregnant, then he won’t understand. She says she has a craving and has to eat now. She tells servant to give icecream to her and Param. Sarab asks servant where he will get it as no one orders ice cream in this house during cold season. Servant says that Meher has already ordered. Sarab tells him to give two plates of carrot halwa for him and Param. Param refuses. Sarab calls him Meher’s chamcha. He tells her that the baby will be in his team and his partner. He proudly says the bandru will be papa ki chamcha.

Flashback ends and Sarab cries on losing his partner. He thinks about Param and that if something happen to Meher, he wont forget it in his whole life.  Meanwhile Param and Yuvi continues to pray. Sarab tells his decision to save mother and signs the document. Kulwant says its right decision as if mother is well a baby will come again. Harleen agrees and tell Sarab not to worry as they didn’t have a choice. Bittu and Rana console Sarab as they are aware of the reason behind his choice. Bittu says Meher will understand as the mistake was of kids and they would feel guilty their whole life if something happen to Meher. They say that they will all make Meher understand.

Meher heart beat fluctuates and the doctor comes and tells Sarab that baby had rotated and its now difficult to save both their lives. All get shocked. Param continues to tearfully pray asking babaji to show him way. A woman doctor comes. She turns and looks at Param. Episode ends.

Precap -The woman says her name is Aditi when Param ask her if she is Babaji’s gesture. She asks if Meher is his mother. The doctors tries to save Meher but gestures no more to the other doctor.