Choti Sarrdarrni 16th September 2020 Written Update: Meher receives a summon

Choti Sarrdarrni 16th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Seema praying for everything to go well. Suraj assures her that Vikram will handle everything. Sarab goes to Meher and says that she looks cute in tension. Meher says that his attention shouldn’t be on her but on Aditi and Vikram. Sarab replies that worries come in everyone’s lives but that doesn’t mean that one should stop loving and praising his wife. Param comes and asks them to hurry up and check what’s happening inside. Kulwant wonders if the two have started fighting. Everyone rushes inside.

They see that Vikram is kneeling in front of Aditi. Vikram asks Aditi to look at him. He accepts his mistake and apologizes holding his ears. He says that he will say “I am sorry” to her whole his life at morning, afternoon and evening. Aditi smiles. Vikram forwards a hand towards her and says that he really loves her asking her to marry him. Aditi gives her hand to Vikram who is about to kiss it when everyone starts clapping and the two look on.

Harleen hugs Aditi congratulating with her. Vikram asks Seema for the ring before Aditi gets upset with him again. Seema gives him the ring and he makes Aditi wear it. Harleen asks Sarab for the ring. He gives her one but it isn’t Vikram’s. She asks whose it is. Sarab indicates Meher. Harleen smiles and asks him for the other ring. Sarab gives it to Harleen who hands it over to Guddi.

Sarab asks to think before making the ring wear because that finger has connection with heart and once one makes place there, it stays forever. Meher pulls his leg saying that he is talking about this to a doctor. Everyone chuckles. Sarab whispers to Meher that none knows about love and heart better than him. Meher says that he didn’t ever tell her. Sarab snaps that she didn’t ever give him the chance. Meher asks what if she gives it.

Sarab says that, no matter if she gives chance or not, today he will tie relation with her heart at any cost. He takes ring and is about to make Meher wear it when she starts clapping as Aditi and Vikram’s ring ceremony is done. Sarab takes back the ring.
Seema says that now they should make arrangements for haldi function after which sangeet and mehendi will happen. Harleen recommends Seema not to bring lots of guests because of coronavirus. Seema agrees and asks them how many guests will be coming from their side. Sarab jokes about it. Vikram and his family leave.

In the evening, Sarab comes in his room and looks at Meher sitting on bed. He is all set to give her the ring. Meher tells Sarab that he liked the ring he chose for Aditi. Sarab mutters that the one who chooses her must have a great choice of course. Meher asks him if he said anything. Sarab stammers and then finally reveals that he got another ring which he had liked and shows it to Meher who smiles and calls it beautiful. Sarab says that it’s less beautiful than her. “Phir se Khuda” plays. Sarab kneels in front of Meher and holds her hand making her wear the ring. He gets up. Meher says that he made her wear the ring but she didn’t give anyone to him. Sarab says that it doesn’t matter but Meher replies that the tradition must be completed. She takes a thread from her dupatta and makes a ring with it making Sarab wear it. They look at each other. Sarab kisses the ring of thread that she made him wear. Meher smiles blushing.

Before Sarab can say anything, Param comes. Sarab says that whenever mood gets romantic, Param comes. Param informs Sarab that an aunty and uncle has come to meet him.

Sarab goes downstairs and meets an Indian ACP and Serbian woman from embassy. They inform Sarab that there is a summon for Meher since she hit an on-duty officer and his wife has filed case therefore she must go to Serbian court. They show a file to Sarab who is shocked. He looks at Meher. ACP says that they have to take his wife in custody today. Sarab asks them how they can do this in such a short notice and asks for time promising them to bring Meher to appear in the Serbian court since there is his sister’s wedding after two days. The two accept but warns him that if she doesn’t appear in court then she will be arrested. He assures them that she will appear. They leave. Sarab is tensed as, no matter what he does, another tension keeps coming.

Meher goes to Sarab and asks who the two were. Sarab lies and then goes to sleep but Meher has noticed already that he seems tensed. Harleen asks Meher to check a set she has seen online for her. Meher asks for two minutes and goes to talk with Sarab.

Sarab is talking on call about the matter. He cuts the call and turns around seeing Meher there. Meher asks him what happened. Sarab asks if the arrangements for haldi are done. Meher gives him water and asks him again what’s going on. Sarab pretends not to understand but Meher says that she knows well when his smile is genuine and when fake. Sarab says that there is nothing. Meher reminds him that he promised to share everything with her. Sarab shows her the file and says that the wife of the police officer whom she hit in Serbia has filed a defamation case against her. He assures her that nothing will happen to her. He asks whether if she doesn’t trust him. Meher replies that she trusts him more than God. Sarab says that once the wedding is done, they will go to Serbia. Meher asks about the kids. Sarab says that because of coronavirus is not ok to take kids with them.

Param comes and says that Khushi called him to stay at Dadi’s place alone but he refused saying that he won’t go anywhere without his family and asks them to promise that they won’t travel anywhere without him. They promise him that. Meher wonders how they will manage everything in four days. Param asks what will happen in four days.

Just then, Aditi comes with Karan who is crying. Aditi says that he started crying as soon as she left and hands him over to Meher. Harleen calls Aditi who leaves.

Param asks Meher to make him and Karan sleep. Sarab wonders what to do as kids cannot stay without Meher and she cannot stay without her. He doesn’t know what to do.
Episode ends

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