Choti Sarrdarrni 17th April 2020 Written Update: Harley invites Kulwant and family for dinner

Choti Sarrdarrni 17th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Senior officer scolding inspector for arresting Sarab without any investigation.Inspector apologies for which Sarab says its okay.Sarab thanks the senior officer for coming.He asks Sarab if he wants to send someone to Attari to get Param.Sarab says now he will meet the Sarpanchhimself.Kulwant receives call from Hukumchand.She annoyingly tells Jagga that Sarabjit is busy and he couldn’t come.She is irritated that all their arrangements and decoration are gone waste.She vows to herself that she will make Meher and Sarab meet at any cost.Harleen asks Sarab if he met Meher and does he like her.Sarab smilingly says Param will answer her question.Harley asks where Paramis.Kulwant makes Meher do sit ups for coming late while Bittu and Rana massage her shoulders.Kulwant asks Meher what is the need to bring kid here.Amrita comes and gives lassi to all and gives a fake scolding to Meher asking her to give milk to Param and Yuvi playing in lawn.Kulwant stops Meher asking her to continue.She tells Amrita she is aware of her tricks to save Meher.Amrita saves whatever it is but because of Meher she will be the one getting all praises as newspaper will report that Meher daughter of AttariSarpanch caught child thief.Amrita further says its good thing Meher caught thief else what will happen if he abduct Yuvi as they all go to Gurudwara.Kulwant is shocked and realised her point.She asks Meher to go and give milk to kids outside.Amrita winks at Meher who leaves smiling.

Amrita spots a gift box and asks what is that to Kulwant.She says she received a gift from Razia.from Bhopal and forgot to call her.She video calls Razia and asks what is the occasion for sending gift.Razia replies that her son Azan is coming back home from London hence she sent gift to share happiness.Razia inquires about alliance for Meher.Kulwant says it will be done soon as she will always achieve what she desires.Yuvi sits on cart and makes Param pull it.Param gets tired saying he can’t.Meher comes and offers milk for both and they both refuses as they hate milk.Meher announces that whoever finishes milk first they will get big bar of chocolate.Meher cheers both of them as they both drink milk fast.Harleen comes home and observes Meher.Yuvifinish first followed by Param.Meher says they both won and gives chocolates to both but Yuvi complain that he won.Meher says Param is playing this game first time so don’t know the rules.She gives them both chocolates but Yuvi runs inside.

Harleen claps and introduce herself as Param’saunt.Param comes and hugs her asking about papa.Meher apologize but says Param’s father isirresponsible.Kulwant comes and Meher introduces Harleen.Harleen observes their house,Meher and gets introduced to Kulwant sons Bittu and Rana.She thanks Kulwant and Meher for taking care of Param and gives gifts.Kulwant takes it inside and is astonished to see imported chocolates.Rana says might be worth atheist 3-4000 rupees.Kulwant is impressed.Kulwant comes back and offers food to Harley made by Amrita.Harleen appreciate the food saying it’s the best she has tasted.Manav calls Meher asking her to meet him.Meher comes and lies to Kulwant that she is going to meet Bubbly as she is buying same bangle.She takes her leave from Harleen.Param hug Meher asking her not to Leave.Meher promise him that he can come here to play anytime.Theyhug.Harleen smiles.

Jagga comes home and Kulwant introduce him to Harleen.Harley invites them to her house for dinner this evening as her brother wants to meet them.Kulwant is confused and asks why does he want to meet them.Harleen says her brother is Sarabjit Gill and would like to marry Meher.Jagga and Amrita are shocked.She says that Param is Sarab’s son and needs a loving mother.Kulwant immediately pamper and praise Param after knowing its Sarab’sson.Jaggais shocked that Harleen want Meher to be mother for Param.Param gets excited.Kulwant says its 100% yes from their side and are definitely coming for dinner.Harleen takes leave.Jagga asks Kulwant how can she get Meher married to a widower with five year old son.Kulwant angrily tells him that she never takes bad decision when it comes to kids and tells Jagga its god’s will that Sarab and Meher are destined to marry.She asks Jagga to meet Sarab once and he will like him.Jagga reluctantly agrees but says they wont take Mehertonight.Kulwantagrees.He goes inside worriedly followed by Amrita.Rana asks if Jagga will agree.Kulwant says she will get a ticket in election and become MLA.For this Meher and Sarab should get married.Episode ends.