Choti Sarrdarrni 19th November 2020 Written Update: Aditi tells Sarab about Vikram’s affair

Choti Sarrdarrni 19th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aditi reaches Sarab’s house and knocks the door. Meher gets worried seeing her and asks what happened why she is crying. Sarab asks did Vikram told anything to her. Meher tells her to stay calm and say what happened there. Aditi says she left that house, now won’t go back again there. Harleen asks her to tell something. Aditi says Vikram wants to give divorce to her. Harleen asks what happened why he wants to divorce her. Aditi says there is some other girl in his life that’s why. She shows the duppata to them and says it’s belongs to that girl.

Meher shocks seeing her duppata. Harleen says this duppata is Meher’s duppata. Aditi shocks hearing her. Meher was about to tell her the truth but Sarab stops her saying she also has same duppata in same brand. Aditi says she wants to know because of whom he is divorcing her. She says how can he leave her when he loves her so much and tries to go from there. Sarab tells her to sit and says they will handle this matter. Robbie comes there and thinks now what new drama going on in this house.

Aditi says that girl would have trapped Vikram otherwise he is not that kind of person. She says no one can’t separate her from her Vikram and she says she will kill her otherwise she will die. She throws that duppata and was about to faint. Everyone gets worried about her health. Aditi was keep crying. Meher assures her saying Vikram won’t leave her. Sarab tells her to not talk about death. Aditi says she wants to meet that girl. He tells her to believe him and give her sometime and he will handle everything and tells her to take care of her. He tells Harleen to take Aditi inside.

Vikram’s mother searches Aditi in the house and calls her. Aditi attends the call and says she left the house because some emergency case came. Vikram’s mother tells her to eat something in hospital. Aditi apologize to her for leaving the house without informing her and disconnects the call. Harleen asks why Aditi didn’t told the truth to her mother in law. Aditi says she is heart patient and she can’t tolerate any shocking news that’s why she hide the truth.

Sarab asks Meher how Vikram got her duppata when it was in her cupboard. She says when he can kidnap Karan then it’s nothing. He says good only happens with good people. She says now everyone will get to know the truth one day so it will be better that they themselves reveal it to everyone. He says they has to handle this issue carefully. He says yesterday only Vikram threatened them about divorce and today Aditi is here so he has to do something and calls him. Vikram asks about Karan. Sarab tells him that Karan is safe with his parents and tells him to reach his house saying he wants to talk to him about Karan. Vikram says he will be there in 2hours. Meher was crying. Param comes there and asks why she is crying and says he doesn’t likes it when she cries. She says she is not crying something went on her eyes that’s it.

Harleen scolds Robbie saying she is sure that he would have lost money in betting and he is here to ask money to her. He recalls yesterday night incident and says he doesn’t want money from her or anyone. And also recalls how he joined hands with Patak. Gulwant follows Amrita. Amrita tells someone that Gulwant doesn’t know anything. Param was talking with Karan. Vikram tries to take Karan but Param stops him saying he is playing with Karan. Sarab says Vikram emotionally tortured Aditi and warns him to not drag her in Karan’s matter.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vikram tells Sarab that he is not Aditi’s husband from today and Aditi hears him and cuts her wrist.

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