Choti Sarrdarrni 19th October 2020 Written Update: Vikram is drunk

Choti Sarrdarrni 19th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with old Meher and Sarab confessing their love to each other. Then the cake is cut and Sarab makes Meher eat cake and kisses her cheek to wish her anniversary. Meher makes Sarab eat cake and wishes anniversary. Sarab says what about my kiss, Meher feels shy. Param says no one made me eat cake.

Meher and Sarab make them eat cake. Manav sees all this and is irritated. He goes to take more drinks. Aditi asks him to stop. Manav requests and orders Aditi not to touch him and not to roam around him to find opportunity to touch him. Aditi says what is my fault. Manav says what is my fault? Suryapratap comes and wants to make Manav understand but Manav says what more promises I need to make to you, my mistake is I love my loved ones so much. He remembers Meher and his moments. He stares at Sarab and Meher who are romancing. Manav then starts drinking the whole bottle of alcohol. Aditi comes to stop but Manav goes from there.

Manav is alone, Meher comes. Meher says why are you doing this? Manav says I want you, I cant see you cry and plead me but I can’t live without you. Meher says I cant see you like this either but you need to live happily with your family. Manav says I am so much better than Sarab. Meher says he is my husband. Sarab calls Meher and she goes.

Here, Param is trying to calm down Karan but he is crying only. Then Param goes to get milk for him. Sarab and Meher call Kulwant. Kulwant says why are you both so serious. Sarab says I want something from you. Kulwant says for you my life is also here. Sarab says you confess your crime of killing Manav till tomorrow morning in police station. Kulwant tries to justifies but then she knows Meher told him everything.

Sarab says you have murdered Manav with Bittu and Rana. Kulwant says I will prove it to you that I have not done anything. She says come to lawn. Kulwant goes out, she tells Bittu and Rana how Sarab knows about them murdering Manav, now he is saying that he will sent us to jail.

Bittu and Rana also worry. Kulwant then goes to Manav and says Vikram ji come with me to lawn, Meher and Sarab have called you. Manav is surprised. He goes with her. Meher says why did you let Kulwant show her proof, she will bluff only. Sarab says if she is saying then let’s see once what the proof is. Meher wonders what can it be. Meher and Sarab come to lawn. They see Kulwant, Bittu and Rana making Vikram come.

Meher is confused. Kulwant says he is your damad and he is CBI agent, he took the case of Manav but didn’t find anything. Kulwant then asks Manav. Manav remembers all the moments. Then Meher remembers how Manav can’t say he is Manav or else his mom will die. Meher feels bad for Manav. Manav says no evidence against Kulwant was got and goes from there.

Kulwant says see now I proved. Bittu says yes no knife was ever found in our house. Kulwant looks at him with anger. Rana says no one saw us throw Manav off the bridge to water. Kulwant is super angry. Sarab and Meher are surprised.

Episode ends.

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