Choti Sarrdarrni 1st May 2020 Written Update: Manav is elated hearing about Meher’s pregnancy

Choti Sarrdarrni 1st May 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Param talking on phone to babaji asking him when he can meet his mummy who came to the temple. Sarab comes to Param’s room with a pastry and feels emotional seeing Param talking to God with Phone. He gives a pastry to Param. Param gets excited but eats only half. He tells Sarab that remaining is for his Meher Mumma.

Sarab tells him that Meher is not with them at the moment and to eat it. Param says that he knows everything and that his Harleen bua had told him that she had placed order for Meher Mumma and she would be here in two days. Sarab feels sad for his son as Param asks him when will Meher come. He hugs Param. Kulwant is cutting Mangoes when Meher gets ready to meet Manav.

Kulwant tells her not to bring Manav along with her as she don’t want anyone seeing them both together. She says that people are really bad and can’t tolerate if someone is happy. Kulwant gets a phone call and she asks Meher to see who it is. Meher sees that it is Harleen and she informs Kulwant. Kulwant gets up and nervously says what she would tell her now as she was the one who initiated the proposal. Meher leaves worried.

Kulwant calls Harleen from her room and says that Meher just needs two days time to think. Harleen asks if Meher is not interested in this alliance.  Kulwant says nothing of that sort and that her daughter never says no to her. She disconnects after assuring Harleen she will get back to her soon.

 Kulwant is shocked to see Amrita standing in the room. She asks Kulwant why did say Meher needed time when she had agreed to get Manav married to Meher. Kulwant tells her that they are very influential people and one must use their brains in dealing with them. She says when she wont call back in two days Harleen herself would understand they are not interested.

Amrita looks relieved. Kulwant then warns Amrita not to question her ever again. Sarab asks Harleen what did Kulwant say and not to pressurize Meher. Harleen tells him nothing like that. Sarab says he can wait as there is no hurry to marry right away.

Meher waits for Manav. Manav comes happily shouting her name and says he had missed her so much. He tells her that his interview went very well as he answered everything confidently and impressed them. He says that her favorite shirt had given him confidence. He hugs her saying everything will be ok now. He asks why she is quiet and says that he knew she would ask him to meet her mummyji. He asks her when should he come.

 Meher looks at him and says that today. She tells him that she is preganant. Manav is shocked and gets tearful hearing that he will become a father. He runs around happily and shouts from the rooftop of a building that he is going to be a father. He lifts Meher elated. He says that now he will marry her again but this time officialy. He further tells her that what happened between them that night was nothing but their love for eachother.

 Meher smiles at him. She tells him that Kulwant know about her pregnancy and has agreed for their marriage. Manav is relived and happy as he couldn’t have asked for a better gift than her good news that they are going to be parents. Meher then gifts him an expensive phone for his birthday. Manav asks what is the need. Meher tells him that its for them both and she always want to be able to talk to him. She tells him that she will call and inform the time after Kulwant confirms. Kulwant is angrily standing outside glaring at the clouds. Episode Ends.