Choti Sarrdarrni 20th April 2020 Written Update: Kulwant family visit Sarabjit house

Choti Sarrdarrni 20th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Jagga and Amrita getting ready. Jagga looks upset and asks Amrita why she hasn’t protested to his mother as she is more like a friend to Meher than a sister in law. Amrita tells Jagga to decide after meeting Sarabjit. Jagga reluctantly agrees. Meher gets Amrita’s call and happily tells Manav that her family is going out in the evening and they are free to roam today. Manav tries to flirt with her. Meher decides to visit temple to pray for his interview tomorrow. Manav smiles at her and asks to start her jeep. Sarab cajoles Param but Param says he is angry with him for leaving him alone at temple. Sarab apologize and promise never to leave him. He asks whom did he meet yesterday. Param gets excited and tells him about Meher aunty and that he went home with her. He also tells him about the race he and Yuvi had for drinking milk and Meher giving chocolates to them both. Sarab asks if he likes Meher. Param says yes and says that Harleen bua told him about Making Meher his mummy. Sarab tells him that they have to ask Meher first if she wants to be his mother. Param agrees. Sarab tells him he will show magic and gives him Meher’s photo. Param gets happy looking at Meher photo.

Kulwant and family are going by car when Yuvi asks for Ice cream. Jagga scolds him but Kulwant says no harm in having it. Amrita too says that they can visit the nearby temple as Yuvi has his icecream. Kulwant agrees and asks Jagga to go to temple first. Yuvi runs fast inside temple while Amrita run behind him to catch. She spots Meher taking selfish with a guy. She is shocked to see Kulwant and family coming towards temple and thinks Mummy ji will kill Meher if she saw her. Amrita hence pretends to have fallen and sprained her leg. Kulwant gets concerned. Amrita sees Meher and the guy standing in line to see God and notices Bittu gazing at their backs. She calls out to Bittu and divert him to bring first aid vox from car and tells Kulwant that they should visit temple later. Kulwant agrees and helps her to walk out of temple. Meher and Manav happily pray and comes out.

Kulwant asks Jagga to lower the window as they reached Gill mansion gates and smirk at the security guard who threatened her last time. She asks if he want to call lady constable now. Security guard grudgingly sends their car inside. Kulwant praises the house and is impressed at the big mansion and cars. She tells Jagga that their Meher will rule this house like a queen. Jagga stands unimpressed. Meher and Manav visit construction site where the engineer says the flats will go on sale soon and its 660sq feet with two rooms and hall. Meher looks around. Manav tells her they will get their pen flat after wedding. Meher teasingly asks that he is speaking as if he already booked a flat. Manav tells Meher to assume so. They play around and Meher goes backward she was about to fall down when Manav saves her at the last minute. Her dupatta gets torn images rod and she goes sad as it’s the dupatta Manav gave her after dyeing it. Manav tears a bit and ties to rod marking the plot as theirs.

Harleen comes with Sarabjit. She welcomes Kulwant family and introduce her family to Kulwant and Kulwant family to Sarab. Sarab remembers seeing her in government school. Kulwant says yes. Yuvi smartly introduces himself to Sarab by shaking hands. Sarab asks Param and Khushi to show their rooms to Yuvi. Harleen asks why Meher hasn’t come. Jagga tells her that he was the one who didn’t bring her as he wanted to see and decide himself before bring g his sister. Sarab looks on at Jagga. Episode ends.