Choti Sarrdarrni 21st April 2020 Written Update: Bittu and Rana’s blunder

Choti Sarrdarrni 21st April 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Sarab asking Jagga to join him for a drink.He hesitates and Kulwant asks him to go.Sarab takes him to the bar on the side and prepares a drink for Jagga.Kulwant looks on nervoysly.Harleen tells Amrita that her saag that day was very delicious.Amrita smiles her thoughts on seeing Meher with a guy in temple.A servant gets Sarab his black coffee.He tells Jagga that he doesn’t drink but always gives company to those who does and have lot of conversation.Sarab assures Jagga that he understand his predicament as he too has a sister and like him they too have lost their father and he feels responsible for his sister.Sarab says he know his hesitation in getting hid only sister married to a widower with a five year old son.Jagga remains quiet and thoughtful.

Param shows Yuvi his room and his dreamhouse.Yuvi is shocked to see Meher’s photo inside dream house and pulls it out saying its his aunt photo.Param says its his Meher mummy.They fight by pulling the photo and it tears in half.Yuvi runs outside angrily and tells everyone that Param tore his bua picture and calls her his mummy.Param goes to Sarab crying and shows torn photo of Meher.Kulwant slaps Yuvi when he refuse to give the photo.Kulwant takes photo from his hand and gives back to param who smiles after joining the picture.Kulwant apologize to Sarab for Yuvi behavior but Sarab says its alright as they are just kids and will start playing together again.Jagga seem impressed.

Kulwant is awed by the dinner spread.Sarab asks her to call him Sarabjit when Kulwant calls him Gill saab.Kulwant says she will only if he calls her mummyji.Harleen smiles at her.Robby takes Bittu and Rana to garden and gives them several drinks.They both start blabbering and soon blurt out that its all Kulwant plan to get ticket in election for MLA.Robby is surprised but asks who will become next Sarpanch when Kulwant becomes MLA.Bittu and Rana look at eachother confused.Amrita goes to Jagga and says he was right they can’t get Meher married to Sarab.Jagga says he isn’t bad.Robby sits next to Harleen and says there is going to be an explosive drama soon.Harleen asks what he did now.

Sarab asks Kulwant and Jagga to join them for Dinner.Just then Bittu and Rana walks in heavily drunk and asks Kulwant who will become next Sarpanch once Meher marries Sarab and she gets ticket to contest for MLA.Sarab and Harleen are shocked.Kulwant gets nervous.She slaps them both and calls them fools.She turns to Sarab with tear filled eyes pretending that she never care about election and is happy with being sarpanch.She tells him that all she cares is her daughter happiness.She further tell him that when she saw him helping a mechanic in school the other day she decided that he will be the best person for her Meher and can always keep her happy.Sarab and Harleen gets convinced.They immediately take their leave mentioning Meher would be alone at home.

On the way back home Kulwant asks Yuvi to sit on her lap but he refuse.She asks Jagga to stop car and makes Bittu and Rana get down and asks them to walk back home.After getting home ,Jagga asks Kulwant if her real reason to get Meher married to Sarab is because of getting a ticket to contest in MLA election.Kulwant pretend to get offended and asks how dare he insult her intention.How cam he even think that his mother could use her own daughter for fulfilling her dreams.Jagga apologize to her.Kulwant says now who will talk to Meher about this alliance.Yuvi angrily tells Meher that Param has her photo in his dreamhouse and tells him that she will be his mummy.Meher gets confused and asked where they went today.Yuvi tells her to Param’s house and that dadi had slapped him.He angrily says that he will never talk to Dadi again and if Meher becomes Param’s mummy.He wont talk to her too.Meher gets worried.Episode ends.