Choti Sarrdarrni 21st August 2020 Written Update: Meher comes face to face with Vikram

Choti Sarrdarrni 21st August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meher and Sarabjit getting ready to leave for the party. Meher asks Lalita ji if she had something but she says that she doesn’t feel to have anything. Sarab says that she’s a part of their family and should definitely have something. He calls servant and asks them to prepare her favorite dishes. Param comes there and asks if they are going somewhere. Meher and Sarab says that they are going for dinner and the good thing is they are not taking Karan with them.

Param says that if its so then he will accompany them but Sarab says that it’s late night dinner and says that he would fall asleep by 9. Param say that he will manage for one day and Sarab looks at Meher. Meher signals him that she’ll manage. She asks Param to get ready and asks Lalita to not play with Param’s new block games. Param gets reminded of the inhaler and says that he’s not coming. Meher asks him to play and sleep by 9 and leaves with Sarab.

Meher and Sarabjit comes to Aditi’s House. Aditi greets them with flowers and Sarab asks for Vikram. Aditi says that he’s kitchen preparing food and leaves to get drinks for them. Sarab too leaves to attend a call. Meher is looking at the pictures and come face to face with a mirror. Meher gets terrorized seeing Manav’s face in the mirror. She turns around to find Vikram walking towards her the same way Manav did while he got stabbed. His shoes are soaked in blood and there’s a knife at his back. He falls down on Meher’s feet and Meher shouts Manav.

Sarab comes there hearing it and gets shocked seeing Vikram’s condition too. He shouts for Aditi and Aditi comes rushing. She tries waking Vikram when Vikram himself opens his eyes. Aditi asks what type of nonsense was that when Vikram says that he was just acting for fun. He says that he placed a bet with Aditi to shock Sarab and Meher and thus did this act. Meher is still traumatized while Sarab consoles her.

In the flashback it is revealed that it’s a combined plan of Aditi and Vikram to bring out the truth. Vikram recalls about Kulwant’s constant mention of backstabbing Manav and thus he’s going to put up an act in front of Meher to check for her reaction. He asks Aditi to play along acting to scold him. As said by Vikram Aditi too scolds him and apologizes Meher and Sarabjit for Vikram’s act. She says that they perform drama for charity and he was just rehearsing it.

Meher asks for washroom and Aditi guides her. Vikram apologizes Sarab for his prank but Sarab says that it’s an insult and not prank. Sarab leaves and Vikram laughs and sings. Meher is in washroom and cries recalling her family killing Manav. She cries silently controlling her sobs while Sarab knocks on her door to come out.

Param is playing with blocks and Lalita recalls Aditi saying that the medicine she gave Param will stop his brain from working as he grows up. She feels bad for Param and Param asks her to leave as he wants to use the inhaler. Aditi is worried for Meher and Sarab getting angry for the prank but Vikram days that it’s needed.

He asks her to make them stay somehow as the plan is not over yet. Aditi recalls about the inhaler and thinks that she herself couldn’t let them go. Param says Karan that they will share the inhaler and comes near him with it. Sarab and Meher says that they are leaving and Vikram gets worried that his plan will fail.