Choti Sarrdarrni 21st September 2020 Written Update: Meher is worried and Sarab consoles her

Choti Sarrdarrni 21st September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with the couple’s game where Vikram is observing and deciding under which dupatta is Aditi there. Finally he decides to lift one dupatta but is stoped by Sarab. Here inside dupatta Aditi and Meher are shown. Sarab tells that this is my love that means my wife Meher. Vikram says no, I am sure it is my love only.

Listening to this now Meher and Aditi both are confused thinking about who is right. Sarab and Vikram lift the dupatta together but when Vikram sees the lehenga, he understands that it is Meher and not Aditi so he steps back. Everyone else is delighted seeing Sarab knowing Meher so well. Param also cheers for Sarab. A small eye contact is there between Sarab and Meher.

Vikram says sorry and give the necklace to Sarab to make Meher wear it. Then Sarab says, Vikram ji look there is your love. Pointing towards Aditi. Aditi gets up and taunts Vikram in a sweet way.

Everyone has a nice laugh. Sarab privately tells Meher that it was not hard to find her as she is fat. Listening to this Meher gets upset and goes. Sarab decides to confess his feelings for Meher during Sangeet function.

Sangeet begins, Sarab dances on Doli saja ke rakhna. Then all othee guys join him. Here Vikram tells Kulwant to go and join but Kulwant gets nervous thinking about the wound of Vikram on his back. Then Vikram and Aditi go for a couple dance. Seeing Kulwant nervous, Sarab takes her to the dance floor next, all the men and women dance together.

Suddenly, Vikrak gets a call he goes aside to take the call. Kulwant notices that and follows him. She listens to his conversation on phone where Vikram is talking about the details of Manav and by which route and car he is bring brought.

Vikram also adds that Manav took 2crore Rs. from Kulwant, so now he wont be spared. He asks the person on other side to first match the statements and if any conflict rises it wont take time to put the guilty one into jail. Listening to this Kulwant is scared and shocked. The call ends.

Back in the dance floor, Meher and Aditi dance emotionally on ‘Ye Galiya’ . Everyone gets emotional. To lighten up the moment, Sarab starts dancing on ‘Zindagi ek safar’. Everyone is pumped up and they form a train and dance. Then suddenly it dark, and a spot light falls on Meher.

Sarab comes from behind and they dance on ‘Tum pass aaye’. Everyone claps for them. Then all couples dance on ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’. The sangeet finally ends. Vikram says tomorrow will be a really important day. Listening to this, Meher says that for everyone it’s a very important day. Sarab thinks that he wont let anything happen to Meher.

After changing, Meher comes to the bedroom to see the kids sleeping. Param sleeps holding a notebook. Meher makes him sleep nicely and takes the notebook. While closing the notebook she says that Param was writing about Family. She gets emotional reading it as it is written that Meher is the best member of the family because she teaches everyone to tell truth.

Sarab comes from behind and consoles Meher who is crying holding the notebook. She says that we should tell truth to Param and due to covid we cant take the kids, but if he asks why we are going then? Sarab says dont think so much, everything will be fine. He takes Meher to take rest but Meher says she needs to take care of things for kids for the time when they will be at Serbia.

Sarab asks what about the lori she sings for kids. Then they record the lori for kids. Meher and Sarab join hands. Meher worries if all the happiness in her life goes away. Sarab comforts her and tells her that he wont let anything happen to her.

Episode ends

Precap – A car is seen in which Manav is there. Bittu and Rane are hiding behind a bush. When the car passes by Rane looks from the binoculars and informs Bittu that Manav is inside the car. Bittu takes the gun and aims at Manav sitting inside the car. On the other hand, Aditi is walking in her bridal wear.