Choti Sarrdarrni 22nd September 2020 Written Update: Kulwant gets hold of some shocking truth

Choti Sarrdarrni 22nd September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with a car seen approaching towards bittu and Rana who are hiding and observing using binoculars. Bittu is shocked seeing the car plate number matching to what Vikram said on phone. Rane then saw Manav sitting inside the car.

On the other hand in Gill mansion, Sarab is seen making Param understand why they can’t take Param and Karan with them to Serbia. Param is not ready to listen to any excuse and asks why they need to go. Sarab finally makes an excuse that they are going there to get Param a baby sister. Param gets happy and goes to inform everyone.

 Meher was listening to all this and is upset with how Sarab lied to Param. She says, Param will be so upset if hesees no baby sister. Meher also says it’s not confirm if she will be returning. Sarab consoles her. Meher then says that she needs to go to tell Harleen di everything truth. They both go to Harleen, meanwhile listening to Param, Harleen thinks good news is going to come. But then Sarab and Meher enter her room, seeing Param has already left, they tell everything to Harleen.

At the NH, Kulwant comes and stops bittu from firing a bullet at Manav’s car. Rane and Bittu are shocked and they ask why did she stop them. Kulwant then explains them how she was doubting the information given by Vikram about Manav.

Vikram was pretending to give the information while the main motive was to catch them red handed. Kulwant explains how she was shocked when she was keeping an eye on CBI office since morning. When Rane and Bittu ask her what was it, Kulwant says I will reveal in Vikram’s wedding.

In Gill mansion, Harleen is shocked and cries. She says why does God has to take so many tests of Meher. She hugs Meher and cries, telling her to fight this battle like all the previous battles. Sarab asks Harleen to be strong and they all need to face it strongly. Param comes running and is excited and thanks Meher and Sarab for bringing a sister.

Vikram and police inspector both are surprised as no attack is done on them. Vikram asks the inspector to go for another round. Suddenly, Vikram gets a call from home, hearing everyone excited and emotional, he decides to go back home.

 The wedding preparations are on full swing in Gill mansion. Amrita comes and shows the Kangan given by Kulwant and everyone is happy seeing them. Param suddenly comes and says show me, all thw Kangan fall into the milk bowl kept for a ritual. Param says sorry to Amrita, she says no worries Param.

The ritual starts. Amrita says even I will do the rasam of kangan with my nand. She makes Meher wear Kangan. Sarab is shooting everything, he asks Meher to smile. Meher goes to her room and is emotional thinking about all the past moments of happiness with family. Meher packs for Serbia. Watching Karan awake, she holds her and says how she loves him and Param so much.

Meher decides that the kids need at least one of their parents with them. So, she takes out Sarab’s clothes from suitcase. Sarab enters the room and is shocked to see that. On asking, Meher says that she should alone go as the judge wouldn’t care if Sarab goes or not. The judge will give his judgment regardless of that. The kids need him here and he should stay. Sarab disagrees and explains her how everyone else is here for the kids. Meher then agrees to Sarab. Sarab starts packing. Param comes to them saying he has decided the name for her baby sister, by combining the names of Meher and Sarab, Seher. Sarab and Meher smile at each other. Harleen asks Meher to get ready as Baraat is coming.

Baraat arrives, they are warmly welcomed. Later Kulwant with Bittu and Rane go to Vikram and talks to him alone saying she was expecting to see Manav today. Vikram says due to security reasons he will brought from another route.

Kulwant cuts him in between and says she was so excited that she went to his office in morning, she was shocked to see something and then shows Vikram the video she made. The video contained a video of Chai wala. Then Kulwant points out how everything matches to the video of Manav shown by Vikram to Kulwant. Kulwant says from that video we thought Manav is in Banaras and laughs it off. She then says Vikram will never manipulate the video, am I right, Vikrant? Vikrant looks on.

Bride is brought to the mandap and warmala happens. For phere Sarab is tying the knot, Param sees it and ties the knot of Meher and Sarab too.

Episode ends.

Precap – While taking the phere, due to fire and pheres, Vikram is reminded of past events. A memory of him taking phere with Meher long before Meher’s marriage is reminded to him. Suddenly he starts saying the exact lines he told to Meher during that time. Everyone is surprised and Kulwant is shocked.

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