Choti Sarrdarrni 23rd July 2020 Written Update: Lalitha enters Gill mansion with a mission

Choti Sarrdarrni 23rd July 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Meher feeling sad that no one is there to welcome her and baby.Suddenly the lights go on in the living g room and Sarab comes up from behind sofa and shouts party time.Kulwant and family comes out of their hiding place and they all dance as the bangra starts playing.Param does the grahapravesh of little baby.He asks to give baby to him and Sarab tells him that he is still young and he can lift when he is bigger.Param agrees.Kulwant starts poem and Amrita tells her to let Meher get ready as its their function.Harleen looks irritated.As the party goes in full swing and everyone starts dancing.Nurse Lalitha pretends to use rest room and starts to take pictures of every room of the house as per Aditi’s instruction.Harleen leaves in a huff and finds lalitha snapping pictures.Lalitha tells her that she is nurse for Meher and lies to take pictures of anitiques of the house as she has a passion for antiques.Harleen asks her to do only her job and tells servant to show her room.

A maid comes and asks Harleen to come for giving Gutti to the baby.Harleen lies of having stomach upset and that she needs rest.Guests ask about Harleen.Kulwant breaks awkwardness by saying as Nani she will give Gutti.Amrita says that whoever gives Gutti to the baby for first time,baby will become like that.Bittu,Rana ,Robby all want to feed baby.Meher don’t want baby to become like Kulwant as she sees her holding baby.Baby passes urine on her and Sarab takes baby from her and feeds gutti.Meher gets extremely happy.Sarab proudly says that his partner will become like him.Meher tells him that,in that case she will be the luckiest mom in the world.Few Kinnars come to bless baby.They ask Sarab and Meher to dance.Meher and Sarab dances slowly while Harleen is upset.

Aditi is haunted by her memories and breaks the glass ware by mistake.Bheem singh asks what she is thinking.She clears the glassware and says that she has lost all her happiness and now she will assure her enemies will see only distress.She tells him that her entire mission depends on the medicine she gave Lalitha and soon its payback time for Sarab and his entire family.Param asks a maid to give him water.Lalitha volunteers to do it but instead gets a glass of juice and mixes the medicine Aditi gave.Flashback reveal Aditi asking Lalitha to mix a spoonful of the medicine in any of Param’s food or drink.She reminds Lalitha that her main aim of being in the house is to keep a watch on Param.

Lalitha gives juice to Param and when he was about to drink it,Meher stops him and tells Lalitha that they don’t give any cold drink to Param as he gets throat infection.She tells Lalitha to only take care of little baby as she is there for Param.She gives him normal juice.Lalitha inform Aditi about her failure and Aditi tells her to throw away the juice before someone else might drink it.Lalitha assures to get work done soon.

Kuwait brings Ladoo for Meher and when Param asks to have it ,Kulwant tells him its for Meher and baby.Param feels sad .Meher says that if anyone tries to make Param feel less important than baby ,then she will not leave them.Kulwant swears she didn’t mean it that way and gives ladoo to Param who refuse.Yuvi asks him to eat so that he will get one too.At night time Meher makes the baby sleep and Sarab looks at them lovingly.Param comes there telling himself that he will sleep in Meher’s lap today.He sees Meher holding baby in her lap and kissing him lovingly.Param gets sad and upset.

Precap – Robby tells Harleen that she is upset because the baby is someone else blood.Harleen tells Param that he has become number 2 now after arrival of baby and he should be 1 always.Param goes to their room and tries to sleep on bed but falls down.