Choti Sarrdarrni 23rd October 2020 Written Update: Who actually shot Sarab?

Choti Sarrdarrni 23rd October 2020 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher grabbing Manav’s collar and scolding him. Nurse comes and calms her down. Manav says you really feel that I will go so low and do this? Meher says you knew I loved Sarab that’s why you did this. Manav says I swear on my mom and you I haven’t.. but if you out of all still say I did this then I can do nothing, if I would have done then why would have I brought him here.

Meher starts to wonder. Robby, Kulwant, three brothers of Meher come there. Manav says it is being potrayed as if I shot Sarab but actually it was planned by someone else and that person is out of the blame too, that person is one of us. Meher looks at everyone and remembers how most of them said they won’t let Sarab arrest Kulwant.

Kulwant says he is just manipulating, he is the one in black hoodie then why will we do it. Robby says right, it was Vikram who came and fought with Sarab we all saw. The nurse calls Meher inside as Sarab is taking her name. Meher is about to go the doctot says Thanks to Mr. Vikram, he brought Sarab on time or else he would have died. Meher listens and is confused. She goes in.

Aditi says Meher, Sarab is okay now but he has to fight for every breathe as a surgery is needed. Meher cries and goes and holds Sarab’s hand. Saran is just saying Meher’s name and opens his eyes. Manav sees from the small window on the door. Meher says I love you so much, nothing will happen to you. Sarab tries to say something but then his condition worsens. Aditi calls the nurse and they proceed to take him to operation theater.

Meher is going with him. Sarab says Meher, what was my fault why did that person try to kill me? Meher says who is it? Sarab points his fingers from Manav to Bittu to Rana to Robby and then his condition worsens so they are unable to know. The nurse says only Meher is allowed inside with the patient

Amrita comes and is sad. She thanks Manav for bringing Sarab on time. She then asks everyone who actually shot Sarab. Everyone is mum.

Kulwant says it’s this person only whom you thanked. Manav says blame me for now but I will prove it, and then whoever it will be then that person will be punished. Amrita says I don’t think it is Vikram or else why would have he brought Sarab here. Everyone looks on.

Here Sarab is taken for operation and Meher waits outside. She cries and sits down. She is remembering all her moments with Sarab. Amrita comes to Meher and says don’t cry everything will be fine have faith. Amrita goes to bring water for Meher. Manav gets a call from his mom, she asks how is Sarab? Manav says he is critical. Manav asks how is Harleen, she says Harleen is being given saline, she is not good. His mom asks swear on me and say did you shoot Sarab? Manav says I didn’t really.

Here Operation is going on, Meher has become numb. Manav remembers how Meher always said she loves Sarab and then comes to her. He is about to hold her hands but stops. He sees Amrita who has brought water for Meher. Amrita sees Meher has fainted and is praying to god. Amrita tries to wake her up by sprinkling water on Meher’s face but she is still numb.

Episode ends.

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