Choti Sarrdarrni 23rd September 2020 Written Update: Will history repeat itself and can Vikram be killed?

Choti Sarrdarrni 23rd September 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Vikram and Aditi taking pheres. Here Sarab walks parralel to Vikram and Aditi to shoot their video, then Meher realises that someone has tied Meher and Sarab together. Meher follows Sarab. Amrita sees this and is happy seeing this ritual getting recreated for Saran and Meher. Meher tries to untie the knot but Amrita gestures her not to. Sarab turns and sees the knot and smiles at Meher. Both the couples are taking pheres now.

On the other hand, due to fire, all the past memories of Manav and Meher is reminded by Vikram. Everything is blur but he could get a clear memory of things that happened in past. He is shocked. Then, pandit ji ask the bride to move ahead , even Sarab asks Meher to go forward.

Vikram is still in the state of shock and sees at his side, that Meher is present. He keeps on looking at her being surprised and shocked. He could recollect all the promises he made to Meher that they will buy a house together. Then he murmurs Meher’s name, which Kulwant notices and is shocked.

Vikram then says Meher, no one can come between us. Kulwant is standing all shocked as this was the exact line said by Manav in past. Just when Vikram is going to call Meher’s name loudly, Pandit ji announces that shaadi is successful and now Vikram and Aditi are husband and wife.

Listening to this Vikram comes into reality and sees that Meher is with another person and he is married to another girl. This leaves him shocked. He loses his consciousness and fell and hit his head to the havan pit. Everyone is shocked and rushes towards Vikram. They see his head is bleeding. Meher calls the hospital but they say that ambulance will take some time. So Sarab decides to take Vikram himself. He asks Rane and Bittu to carry Vikram to the car. Meanwhile, Vikram is continuously watching Meher and smiling.

When Bittu and Rana carry Vikram, seeing both of them Vikram is reminded of the past event, how they both dragged his body and threw him in the water. While leaving, Vikram turns and keeps looking at Meher. Meher feels odd by that look. But then, her thoughts are interrupted by Param saying that Karan is crying loudly, to which Meher goes to Karan.

In the Hospital, Vikram is lying on a stretcher, everyone asks Vikram to be conscious. He still murmurs Meher’s name but no one is able to understand. Vikram’s dad say that he was murmuring about catching some culprit on their way, he is always worried about his work. Aditi shows her Dr. Id card to the staff and ask them to prepare the operation theater. Vikram is then taken into operation theater. Everyone is worried and waiting outside OT.

In Gill mansion, seeing Kulwant shocked, Rane and Bittu ask her what the matter is. Kulwant tells them everything about how Vikram said he wont let anyone come in between him and Meher. Kulwant says I did a mistake that in morning I stopped Bittu from shooting Vikram. He should have been killed as if the truth comes out, everything will change. Bittu and Rane wonder how they will do it now, to which Kulwant says we will finish him now.

Episode ends.

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