Choti Sarrdarrni 24th July 2020 Written Update: Harleen corrupt Param’s mind

Choti Sarrdarrni 24th July 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode begins with Param asking why she is making little baby sleep before him. Meher tells him to play with Khushi and she will make him sleep once baby is asleep. Param agrees and leaves. Sarab says he is very tired. Robby asks Harleen to stop worrying and says that he knows that her problem is that the baby is not Sarab’s. Harleen looks shocked. Robby said he read the Meher’s file too but unlike her he never keeps any secrets from her. Robby gives a solution to Harleen’s worry and suggest to create sibling rivalry between Param and the illegal child.

Robby tells her that Param is already very possessive of Meher and all she has to do is make Param feel he lost importance after the arrival of baby. Harleen feels bad to corrupt the little innocent child. Robby tells her that they are only protecting Param and his rights in future. He asks her what will happen if the illegal baby steal his rights away from property and assets. He assures her that the baby anyway has his Nani house and many kids grow up with their grandparents.

Param comes there and Harleen asks why he hasn’t slept yet. Param tells her that after the baby is asleep, Meher mumma will make him sleep. Harleen asks if he has gone from number 1 to number 2. She tells him that he is elder and he is the one who has online class in the morning not baby so ask Meher to make him sleep first. Param nods and leaves. Harleen smirks at Robby.

Param comes to the bedroom to see both Sarab and Meher sound asleep with baby in middle. Param tells baby its his place and tries to climb on bed but falls down. He starts crying then realise he might wake baby. With tears in eyes he sleeps on the floor holding Meher’s duppata. Ginny bribes Yuvi with chocolate and learns that Kulwant mixed her 5-6 years old glue in the ladoo. Ginny starts vomiting. Kulwant hears sounds of vomiting and wonders where its from. She goes to Rana room who is sleeping and starts hitting him. She tells him his wife is vomiting and says they are married only for a week. She threatens him and takes him to her room to sleep with him.

The next morning Param wakes up to find he is Meher’s lap on bed. Meher asks why he was sleeping on the floor last night. Param tells her there was no place for him and he was angry that she slept before making him sleep as promised. Meher apologize and tells him she sing morning lullaby for him. Suddenly baby starts crying but Param holds Meher’s hands and force her to sing lullaby as its his turn now. Meher is in a fix but Sarab takes baby and try to calm him. Baby continue to cry and Sarab tells Meher that might be hungry and asks Param to play with him so Meher can feed baby. Param refuse to move and ask him to feed baby. Sarab somehow manage to divert Param and take him away.

Rana wakes Ginny with bed coffee in the morning and Ginny pushes the cup from his hand angrily and ask him to sleep in his mother’s room. Kulwant comes hearing the cup breaking noise. Rana lies it fell from his hands by mistake but Ginny glares at Kulwant saying she did it deliberately. Jeeto asks Ginny to stop glaring and tries to take Kulwant away saying she has no respect here. Meher gets ready and fondly looks at the earring her friend Riddhima gifted.

Sarab plays snake and ladder with Param but Param complain that Meher spending more time with baby now and gas notice for him. He tells Sarab that he thought baby will be with him as he always calls it his partner. He tells Sarab to help Meher in all work so she has lot of time for Param. Meher prepares Param’s favorite Malai kofta for his lunch. Lalitha asks her to eat her salad but Meher refuse saying she wont leave until packing Param’s lunch. Param calls Meher and she asks Lalitha to stand near stove. Lalitha takes medicine bottle to mix in gravy.

Precap -Param asks for lunch box and Meher tells him she made Malai Kofta and paratta. Param says he don’t want to eat malai kota.