Choti Sarrdarrni 24th September 2020 Written Update: Will Kulwant be successful in killing Vikram?

Choti Sarrdarrni 24th September 2020 Written Update on

Episode  begins with Sarab informs Harleen that their flight is delayed and he will ask Meher to directly meet him at airport. Harleen is worried and says please take care. In Gill mansion, we see Meher spending time with kids and she tells them to take care and if they miss her and they are unable to contact her then they can always remember her from heart.

Param asks Meher to not remove her mask and use sanitizer. Meher gets emotional seeing Param so concerned. Param says I am a big brother now so I have become responsible. Meher hugs both the kids, just then she receives a call from Sarab who informs her about the flight delay and how she should meet him directly at airport.

At hospital, Aditi informs everyone that Vikram’s operation was successful. She also asks Vikram’s parents to go home as due to covid risk no one is allowed to meet parents or stay at hospital for long. Then Aditi goes and sit with Vikram.

Outside the hospital, a van stops and three people wearing hospital nurse and ward boy clothes enter hospital with masks. They are none other than Kulwant, Bittu and Rane. They are taking a stretcher and move towards Vikram’s room.

Vikram asks for water, as water was not there Aditi decides to bring water and leaves with the jug. Kulwant, Bittu and Rane see the opportunity and go inside only to find Vikram is not there, he has escaped. They are shocked. They hid inside the room as they see Aditi enter the room. Aditi is shocked seeing Vikram is missing. She tries to call Vikram but he does not pick up. Aditi panics.

In Gill mansion, Meher makes the children sleep and now moves out with luggage. Vikram has come to Gill mansion in search of Meher. He sees a picture of Meher and talks to it saying how he will take her with him and love and caress her. He tries to open the door and is successful.

He sees Meher coming in that direction and thinks of surprising her. But Harleen enters and he stops. Harleen wishes Meher happy journey and says, flight is delayed so take care. Vikram listens that Meher is going to Serbia, he panics. He says he wont let Meher go anywhere.

Then he turns and sees a photograph of Meher, Sarab and Param. Meher is wearing shaadi ka joda in that pic. He is shocked ans cries, he is not able to believe the fact Meher is married to someone else. He get all the memories and how he is married to Aditi He talks to the photograph says that he will take Meher with him and now she can break off ber marriage and come with him. He also says that he is not Vikram Deewan, he is Manav. The screen freezes on his face.

Episode ends.

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